5 Key Steps to Building a Standout Brand For Small Businesses

5 Key Steps to Building a Standout Brand For Small Businesses
  • It is the goal of any business to attract the right people towards their business, and there are vital tips that will help you build a standout brand. 
  • The reason you want to be known for and uniqueness play an essential role
  • Find out about creating a community around your brand, attracting more attention and understanding what exactly your customers want. 

The Holy Grail for any business is building a brand that people love.  One that they connect with, follow, engage with and basically, they want everything the brand offers.  Just imagine!  So it’s no surprise that the one big question that most businesses ask is - how do I build a stand out brand? How do I attract the right people to my business and create the excitement and energy around what I do?

Whether its brands like Apple causing queues around street corners for their latest iPhone handsets or it’s PooPourri with its 41 million views and multimillion-dollar business about a product that no one dares to talk about, brands that build loyal followings and solve a problem are the ones that do things differently and stand out.


If you’re a new business or even a seasoned business, there are a long list of key things that you can do to build a standout brand. Today we’re sharing 5 to get you started.


1. Get clear on what you want to be known for

Whether I’m working with large corporates or small businesses the question always remains the same. What do you want to be known for?  It’s a simple question that a lot of people find hard to answer. 

I was listening to the How I built this podcast and they were interviewing the founder of the US mega business chain, DryBar, Alli Web.  There were so many other things that the business could have done like colour, nails, beauty etc., but they just wanted to solve one problem – the fact that women wanted to go somewhere great to get their hair blow dried and styled.  

Even if you have different products and services, it’s the one big problem you solve that you need to talk about. What is the solution you’re offering clients? The answer to what you want to be known for is the answer to that problem.


2. Develop a unique voice

I talk about this on Instagram a lot - don’t be a “me too” brand.  So many business owners look at others and think – well they seem to be successful, what they’re doing seems to be working so I’ll do that same, sound the same, look the same and my business will work too.  Wrong.

There is a sea of same, same businesses out there and if you want to build a standout brand, then you need to know what you stand for, what’s unique to you and develop a strong brand voice around it. 

The Digital Picnic, a Melbourne based social media business, talks about all things social, but they also speak about pay equality for women, doing the right thing by their staff even as a small business and calling out things that aren’t great in the small business world.  They’ve decided to take a stand on things that matter to them, and they’ve seen their following grow from strength to strength.


3.Create Community around your brand

As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, and it’s so true! Building community around shared beliefs, problems, interests is one of the best ways to not only find your ideal clients – because they need what you have, but it’s the best way to engage them as well. 

There can be ten people in the room who do the same thing but it’ll be your unique voice, how you work, what you say and how you engage them that really captivates them and makes them think – Yes you’re my person. I want to work with you. 

Marketing guru, Amy Porterfield recently created a free Facebook group around her podcast, Marketing Made Easy (one of my favourites), and within a few weeks of opening the group, she had over 6000 people join.  The common interest was her podcast and obviously marketing because that’s what she talks about.   When you bring your community together, it creates a groundswell and others want to be part of the action!


4. Go where the attention is and try new things!

One thing I’ve learnt as a brand consultant is that there is no point building something and putting where you want it to be if your potential clients and customers aren’t there.  Understand your market and ideal client and then engage with them where they are. 

Marie Forleo has been doing Q&A Tuesday on Youtube for a long time and whilst I love her videos changing things up can not only bring you a new audience, but it can re-engage your current audience.  In the last year, Marie started Marie Unplugged and Marie Live which has been new and different content for her audience.  Unplugged has definitely captured my attention again!

Being adaptable around the content you create, whether it’s writing, video, audio, visual content – whatever it is, as business owners in a crowded, busy and noisy market keeping up with diversifying your content so that you can stand out across platforms is so important.  In 2019 and beyond you have to be agile and flexible with how you engage your audience.


5. Know what your customers need before they know it

Brands that lead the way and inform their customers of what’s happening next in the market whether it be trends, topics, tech always stand out.  They understand the needs of their customers before their customer even knows it!    

Social Media Examiner is an excellent example of this.  They continuously let their audience know what’s new in social media, what’s new with apps, what new features are coming out and what we, as their audience need to know. 

When you know your audience and their needs better than they know themselves, then you can position your brand as a thought leader and someone who is ahead of the curve – therefore someone to follow!


At the end of the day, creating a brand with heart, clarity and focus that really engages your audience and makes them feel something – excited, empowered, curious, is what brand is all about. It’s building the trust between you and your current and future clients.  Brands that stand out are ones that know what they’re here to do. So if you’re looking to build a standout brand, then that’s a great place to start.

Suzanne Chadwick

Brand Builder for Bold & Savvy Women in Business at The Connection Exchange

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