A Communication Checklist: How to Make Office Relocation Easy

A Communication Checklist: How to Make Office Relocation Easy
  • Moving offices can be a hassle and stressful, especially for big businesses.
  • Make sure you notify your utility providers, Australia Post, suppliers, vendors, customers and everyone you do business with ahead of time.
  • Hire a corporate relocation expert to reduce downtime and save time.


Moving offices is usually overwhelming and stressful. You will be juggling many things, from managing the removalists, updating all your business cards to buying new furniture, and much more.

One of the most important things to do is to inform all the necessary people and organisations that you're moving and that you will soon have a new address. So, who do you need to notify when you move offices?


1. Utility providers

Make sure you alert all service providers that you will be moving to ensure your internet, gas, electricity, and water are all connected when you arrive at your new office. They need to know so that they can cut off the connection at your old offices and reconnect them at your new ones. This will save you time and money, as you don't want to be paying for bills for two separate offices.


2. Government agencies

You need to notify government agencies such as the Australian Tax Office, as they need to be able to contact you for important information regarding your business or company. Make sure you do this well in advance to ensure that you aren't caught out later.


3. Your banks

It is important to make sure your bank knows that you're moving, so that any statement or communication that they send goes to the right address and has the correct information on it. If you have multiple or separate accounts, make sure you update your address with all of them.


4. Your insurance providers

If your business or company is insured, you will need to notify your insurance company that you are relocating. This is very important as otherwise you may no longer be insured. They need your current address to ensure you are paying the right amount for your insurance cover, so let your insurance provider know well in advance that you are moving offices.


5. Australia Post

Mail redirection is an important service to take advantage of when you move offices, so make sure you arrange with Australia Post to have all your mail redirected to your new location. This will prevent you from missing any important mail and will give you time to update your address with everyone you deal with who may send you mail in the future.


6. Your suppliers and vendors

Your office suppliers or vendors also need to be notified that you are moving offices so that they can continue to supply you with your goods at your new location. If you rely on suppliers to bring you goods every day, then you want to make sure that they know you are moving so they can continue to supply you with everything you need.


7. Google

If you have your company or business listed on Google, you will need to inform them of your move as well. This will ensure that your address and other details are updated so people can still find and contact you easily. This means checking that both your business listing and your location on Google Maps is up to date without discrepancies.


8. Your clients or customers

While this may seem obvious, it is important to make sure your customers or clients know that you are moving offices, particularly if they often come to your office for enquiries or to do business.

You can notify them in a variety of ways, including via social media and your website, by post, email and even put up physical reminders in your office. This will ensure no one is left behind or is unable to find where you've moved to.


Jeremy Biberdorf

at Modest Money