Why it’s Important to Upskill Your Staff

Why it’s Important to Upskill Your Staff
  • Staff training and upskilling is a core recipe of keeping your staff engaged, motivated and happy.
  • Upskilling is also crucial in a changing business landscape and competitive market.
  • Search for available government or state grants and incentives for training.

Have you ever felt that your staff are just toiling through the day, clocking in and out while working mindlessly? To keep your staff engaged, switched on, productive and happy, you need to provide them with more.

When a new employee joins your team, he or she has so much enthusiasm that they will literally do anything as they want to feel important and part of the team and not the newbie.  Then 2 months passes, and you find the same enthusiastic staff member has no glitter or drive in his eye. He may be fitting in nicely and doing what the job description tells him to.  But somehow you feel that there’s something amiss, and you are just not sure what it is. 

There are many tools out there to keep your staff engaged, an abundant of amazing team building places, and inspiring guest speakers to speak at your next event or conference.  But you are paying lots of money for this right. While there is no doubt your employees are getting something out of it, especially yourself, people need something to take away with them for their personal development.

This is where staff training is critical towards maintaining your employees’ drive. Upskilling your staff benefits them personally and your business professionally. Here are a few reasons why you should consider training your staff:

  • Your industry is always changing, from the digital revolution to changing laws and regulations.
  • Training increases your employees’ motivation, and subsequently, increases their productivity.
  • Your staff are prized assets and happy and driven employees make happy clients and customers.
  • Offering staff training makes it easier to attract talent to your business.

There are several government grants and incentives for staff training. You should also check your state’s programs for small business training and upskilling. I was talking to a business associate in grants, who mentioned that many small businesses are unaware of such benefits. All it takes is a little research and reaching out to the right expert who can help. 

Why not consider upskilling your staff to keep them happy? Yes, they may leave, but you have equipped them with the tools for the next step in their lives.

How I started my staff training business

I run my own business with my husband, I have 2 teenage children and our business has been chugging along for 15 years now (wow, time flies!). Prior to that, I was in corporate travel for over 20 years and am so glad I went down that road as my career.  When our first born came along, I struggled to deal with work, my health and my bub. 

With my line of work, I was leaving home at 7am and back at 7pm, not seeing my baby and feeling rotten about it.  My husband was GM of restaurants and he felt the same.  My first boss in the 80’s told me the only way to learn is on the job. 

Fortunately, a miracle happened, and we found a niche in staff training.  It was perfect for me with my attention to detail and passion for people and business.  So, put that to-do list down and find what you can do for your staff and especially your business.


Therese Roby

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I am wife, mother, and passionate about our business. Having worked in the travel, retail and business industries for over 20 years and now focusing on our own business, Enhanced Business Solutions with my husband for nearly 15 years. I have a great passion for educating and supporting business owners to increase their bottom line and customer service standards. Our vision is about making difference in life and in the workplace.