Failing to be memorable?


Is your brand failing to be memorable?

                                                      Failing to be memorable?

For small and medium business, being memorable is one of the most important impressions customers need to leave with when interacting with your brand. Now that competition, in most industries, is getting ever-increasingly difficult, only the memorable will succeed. If you’re on a customer’s mind, it’s more likely that they will come back to do business with you, as well as refer you to their network. However, you want to make sure that customers remember your brand for all the right reasons. So how can you do so?


Know your audience


I know that this has been featured in a lot of our blogs and articles, but it is the more important thing for businesses to get right. Nowadays, rather than appealing to the broadest audience possible, businesses need to define and target a niche audience with whom they can build a loyal following. So, just ask yourself, who your product/service is for, and find out everything there is to know about them. That’s the beginning of creating a memorable brand. You need to know what grabs your audience’s attention, and what will keep attracting them to what your offering.




Your brand should have its own unique voice. Whether you want to be fun, quirky, blunt, direct, or even nonsensical, you need to find that voice, and use it at every time stage which a customer is engaging with you. It’s your job to make customers remember that funny blog, or highly informative video, or that helpful comment you left on a forum. Be as open to using as many relevant channels as possible in order to showcase your voice within your industry.


Customers First


Customer-centricity should not be a secondary focus to product/service innovation anymore. Relationship building between brands and customers is the focal point for any successful business. From the moment they enter your store, or visit your website, you need to make their experience as easy as possible. When they’ve finished their transaction, you want to illicit the feeling of “Wow, that was a smooth and pleasant experience”. Remember, people are more likely to spread bad experiences with brands to their friends. However, the positive experiences they share are more powerful, as they become a brand ambassador for your business. You want to ensure that everyone who does business with you is so delighted that they want to tell someone about it. Thinking about the customer, is not exclusive to the waitress, or sales assistant, it should be a shared value which every single person in your business thinks about. When you are able to instill the idea that you’re there to serve the customer rather than selling your product/service, you’re on the right track to make that permanent impression in people’s minds.


The Element of Surprise


Much like customer service, you need to ensure that you’re always exceeding customers’ expectations. This could be packaging a surprise gift for your customers when they purchase a product, an unexpected advertisement, or a novel product/service demonstration. You need to be able to surprise customers positively, in order to be memorable. Think about what your brand’s promise is, deliver it and then some.


Be Consistent


Finally, one of the best ways to be memorable is to constantly reinforce your brand message to the consumers. As Marketing Magazine explains, “It is essential to keep your brands message consistent in all communications and all circumstances where you may be communicating direct with an existing or potential customer.” In order for your audience to remember your brand easily, you need to keep your promise to them the same in all forms. If you keep on changing the messages presented to the customers, it will be harder for them to remember what your brand does and stands for. This doesn’t mean that you should limit the avenues of communication between you and the customer, it’s the complete opposite. Once you’ve developed your brand message, deliver it via any relevant channel you can utilize. The biggest brands out there are successful because of how many times we hear about them and their products. So be consistent, constantly communicate, and you’ll be memorable.


If your finding it hard for your brand to be as memorable as it should be, let's have a coffee.. or may be two.


Co - written by Drone Rinaldho and QB.

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