5 Reasons to Use Labour Hire Companies for Your Construction Projects

5 Reasons to Use Labour Hire Companies for Your Construction Projects
  • Labour hire and recruitment companies provide valuable services in construction projects, finding you the right skilled or unskilled labours.
  • They can assist with labour shortages, verify people’s credentials and backgrounds and do end-to-end recruitment services.
  • You can also hire labour contractors through them, who manage the workforce for you.
  • Find out the top 5 benefits of using labour hire companies to make the right decision for your construction business. 

During the olden days, labour jobs were limited to constructions, loading and unloading of logs, mill jobs, agriculture and other labour jobs. Hiring the right skilled or unskilled labour was simpler and easier.

But nowadays, with stricter regulations around construction, wages and employee rights, we have construction labour hire companies that can find you the right workforce quickly, and ensure you stay on the right side of law.

Labour hire companies can offer labour or manpower for construction works and projects for any kind of organisation. As business owners, it is already an overwhelming undertaking to deliver high-quality construction work on time, and while keeping your clients and employees happy. Engaging a labour hire company removes one task off the list, which can easily be done, and done better, by expert recruiters.

How Do Labour Hire Companies Work?

Labour hire companies or agencies provide you with employees on a temporary or contract basis. It's a full outsourcing service meaning that they take care of recruiting and hiring employees, payroll, tax, etc. You tell a labour hire company what you are looking for and they find workers who meet your business needs and expectations. In exchange for finding you skilled employees, you pay the company a fixed fee.

The Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies 

There are 5 key reasons why you should use labour hire companies:

  1. They instantly understand your requirements
  2. They can do background checks on the workforce
  3. They can hire labour contractors for you
  4. They can help you cope with a shortage in labour power
  5. They take care of all recruiting work

1. They instantly understand your requirements

Typically, each construction category requires a different set of skills. Whether you are planning to build your own residential house, a multi-complex apartment or a commercial building, your workforce requirements will differ. You can choose skilled or unskilled labour, hire part-timers, casual, full-timers or contract workers. A good labour hire company will be able to help you out with your needs for the execution of work.

For example, hiring carpenters or electrician. Carpenters and electrician can be hired from construction labour-hire companies. Any labour related to the completion of the required workforce can be appointed through the agencies.

2. They can do background checks on the workforce

Before starting construction work, your workforce’s identities and authenticity are required. It’s harder to identify their knowledge and verify their past experiences without using a recruiter. So, it is necessary to choose construction labour hire companies that can conduct due diligence and supply the right labour force. If any mishap or accident occurs on the site, then it becomes easier to deal with the situation.

Furthermore, if you recruit workers for your project, then you need to provide them with enough leaves per year. But you do not need to pay any leave to the labours hired from the construction labour hire companies.

3. They can hire labour contractors for you

You can hire labour contractors through recruitment companies. Labour contractors are individuals who deal with labours, working and guiding the supplied workforce, supervising their work and finally, paying them. You do not need to pay the monthly wages to the labours, and you can pay a fixed price to the contractor.

For example, you can hire operator labours for machine operations in a construction site, which requires skilled operators. The operators and machines are on-site for a required time span under a labour contractor and supervisor. Payments are made by the contractors, not construction labour hire companies.

4. They can help you cope with a shortage in labour power

Different occasions in a year can lead to reduced labour power. Workers may be on leave for any occasion for a short term or long term. Sickness is also a common cause of reduced labour power. This issue can be remedied by contacting the construction of labour hire companies that can find you replacements or alternatives.

5. They take care of all recruiting work

It is super convenient to hire labour whenever you require, it may be an electrician for your electrical work or a plumber for pipeline layout. There are many good labour hire companies available, whether you need part-time, casual or full-time workers. Whenever you need any assistance regarding the construction, you can contact them. Hiring companies can provide the best and authentic service with safety and security.

Once you’ve found the best construction labour hire firms, you should also take care of your workforce. Taking care of your hired labour will determine the success of your projects. 

Labour Hire Tips: How to Build and Manage a Successful Team

Below are three tips to be a good construction boss, build a good team culture and run a successful business:

  1. Be open and humane 
  2. Acknowledge and reward them
  3. Offer growth opportunities

1. Be open and humane

It is important for you to get to know them beyond just knowing their names. You should also ensure that there is open and regular correspondence and feedback. This is one of the significant actions to keep the staff motivated. Stress that the workers are significant for the organisation’s success. This will make them feel valued and their contributions are important to your business.

2. Acknowledge and reward them

A simple acknowledgement for work done well, or even a reward, does wonders for your workers' morale and productivity. Those who are complimented for their accomplishments tend to perform greater their work. Regular acknowledgements and rewards should be part of your company’s ethos.

3. Offer growth opportunities

Converse with them about the few open doors accessible for them in their profession. Tell them how their qualities will help them in their career. This enables the labourers to set objectives and perform well in the present task that they are taking care of.

Give your hired labourers a chance to work in a free domain without micromanaging. The ultimate objective for you is to complete your activity, but by treating your workers well, it enables you to deliver quality projects.

The little endeavours that you take today will guarantee that you get better outcomes later. With time and the right frame of mind, your development business will flourish, and you will almost certainly have a decent reputation in the market.

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