Untold Truth - How to Live of Your Dreams

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 Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? And it is interesting! They don’t teach this stuff in schools, if fact they don’t teach us this stuff nowhere unless you look for it.

So, what is the untold truth? Untold truth is, in my opinion, the way to master your thought process. You see you thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to action, and action leads to results!

If you were looking to a life of your dreams, then first it will begin with a single thought. For you to take any action about that thought you have to attach emotion to it and the rest will happen, more or less, automatically.

What do we mean by that? For example. if you will be saying your positive affirmations daily and you will not be feeling anything when you say them; then your affirmations won’t work.

Simply because any thought that has no emotion, won’t get stored in your unconscious mind. Unconscious mind has ability to recognize that, so that kind of thought will just bounce of your unconscious mind.

So if you don’t feel it; you don’t own it, which means you don’t believe it and anything you don’t believe, you won’t get, it won’t be materialized. Universe is waiting for you to give you anything you want but first you must be ready. To be ready it means first you have to believe that is possible to receive whatever you are after.

So, if you are not living your dream lifestyle it simply means you haven’t been chasing your dream lifestyle. Probably you got influenced so much that you think you believe that the life you are chasing at the moment is the right one for you.

You will know the best answer to that. It is a simple test; if you are not fulfilled, happy and inspired with your current lifestyle – then it is not your lifestyle!

Remember; truth lies in emotional thoughts, the ones you can feel. You have to feel it in order to own it! After that, everything becomes much simpler.

Your job is over-saturate your mind with thoughts that you would love to have, thoughts with emotions, and then your unconscious mind with throw them back to you. When done right, you will be internally motivated to take any necessary steps to take action and get results.

Untold truth about dream lifestyle = whatever you do towards your dream lifestyle, if you don’t FEEL it, you won’t get it!

Damir Butkovic

Director at Damir Butkovic

Damir Butkovic works as a marketing 'how to' guy assisting business owners to grow and automate their businesses and find more time to enjoy life. He believes that the more you know about people; the easier it is to run a business. Also he loves life, sipping cocktails and staring at sunsets...

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Jeffrey Joel

Jeffrey Joel, MD at Auspac Trading NSW PL

Totally agree with you! There have been too events in my life that if it weren't for the dreams, thoughts or visualisation, whatever you want to call it, these events would never have occured. The more one is focused on a particular thing, it's funny how the universe tends to channel energy towards it. It may not happen right away but it will slow start to take shape. In many ways it's just like setting goals, targets at work. If you don't set them, you'll have no chance of achieving them.