Tiger Containers: One Of Australia’s Top Suppliers of Quality Shipping Containers

Tiger Containers: One Of Australia’s Top Suppliers of Quality Shipping Containers
  • With offices in four states and comprehensive support, repair and maintenance services, Tiger Containers is one of Australia’s top shipping container suppliers.
  • Their shipping containers are durable, airtight, watertight and of high quality. You can also customise your containers into offices, cool rooms, houses and take advantage of their temporary storage solutions.
  • Read on to learn more about Tiger Containers and what makes them one of Australia's top contendors for shipping containers.

Shipping containers are fast becoming an affordable alternative in Australia. No longer limited to construction sites and cargo usage, people are using them to quickly build home offices, portable toilets, pop-up shops, cafes and even homes.

Tiger Containers is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality shipping containers with over 30 years of industry experience. If it’s shipping containers you need, they’ve got you covered. From reefers to flat racks, customized 10ft storage containers to 40ft high cube ones, and simple storage solutions to shipping container houses, they will take care of your needs starting from your first call.

Why choose Tiger Containers?

There are a number of reasons why you should go with Tiger Containers:

  1. A wide range of containers for sale or hire
  2. Easily customise your shipping containers
  3. Onsite storage
  4. Shipping container repair and maintenance

1. A wide range of containers for sale or hire

Tiger Containers offers shipping containers to buy or to hire. And when it comes to storage containers, they have plenty of quality and range. The storage containers are made of ultra-high-quality corrugated steel construction reinforced with heavy-duty marine flooring. It’s durable under Australian weather, tough, water-tight, and air-tight. You can choose from the following selection of containers:

  • general shipping containers
  • refrigerated containers
  • open tops that are perfect for top loading
  • high cubes for tall items
  • side opening containers that allow better access to goods
  • flat racks with collapsible walls for flexibility and convenience in loading and off-loading cargo.

Their high-quality steel storage containers come in 40ft, 20ft, and 10ft sizes. You can also expect a 3-month warranty on your shipping containers, as well as competitive pricing and fast delivery thanks to their three depots servicing different areas of Australia.

2. Easily customise your shipping containers

Shipping containers are not just for transporting and storing goods anymore. With modern modifications and customization, you can transform a shipping container into any of the following:

  • Ablution blocks - Hygienic and portable bathrooms for outdoor events and temporary work sites.
  • Shipping container offices - Convert your shipping container into a functional office.
  • Shipping container tiny houses - Join the Tiny House Movement by investing in an eco-friendly, modern and cosy shipping container house. You can become a homeowner for a fraction of what you would spend on a typical Australian home.
  • Shipping container cool rooms - Whether it’s for chilling food or freezing goods, you can have a reefer transformed into a cool room for your home or business.

3. Onsite storage

Tiger Containers offers on-site storage for customers who wish to store their belongings in a temporary secure location. They have onsite storage facilities in Tempe and Rosewater, and both are monitored with 24/7 security cameras, secured with top-quality container locks, and sealed safely to protect your belongings from water and other environmental damages.

4. Shipping container repair and maintenance

Tiger Containers provides repair and maintenance services to shipping containers. Whether it’s onsite or on-call, their highly trained maintenance experts can get your shipping containers fixed. If you can’t bring the container to them, they’ll come to you.

5. Australia wide branches

As industry leaders, they have established four key locations to serve you better, no matter where you are in Australia.

  • Sydney - Tiger Containers Sydney offers shipping containers and other related services to New South Wales. The depot in Sydney is open to clients who want to check their range of shipping containers available. They also have onsite storage facilities in Tempe and Rosewater. Secure your belongings in a gated facility with 24/7 surveillance cameras and a proven track record of great customer service.
  • Brisbane - The Tiger Containers Brisbane Depot is a trusted supplier of shipping containers in Queensland. They deliver shipping containers to anywhere in Queensland and can customize them to suit your needs. Tiny eco-friendly home? Temporary worksite? Cool room or freezer storage? Whatever you want to convert your shipping container into, it’s possible.
  • Melbourne - Residents in Victoria can reach out to Tiger Containers’ Melbourne Depot to buy or hire shipping containers and order modifications for containers, such as container offices and tiny houses.
  • Fremantle - Western Australia is also covered with an office in Fremantle. Contact Tiger Containers Fremantle Depot to get a quote on the different types and sizes of shipping containers on offer.

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