Have You Received Your Unique Google+ Vanity URL Yet?

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For a very long time, us Google+ users have been wandering around aimlessly trying to share our profile and business pages that end with a random combinations of gobbildy goop 20+ numbers long. In fact I've given up, and there's no way it was going on a business card either. 

Never fear! Google plus was launched in June 28, 2011 as an invitation only test and as of a couple of days ago have started rolling out vanity URLS that are hot options right now! We know how much online property goes for these days, and it's a fight to get your very own name at the end of google.com/, well more like plus.google.com/u/insertnamehere.

Of course the regular users with larger followings are getting first dips, and google will slowly roll it out to more dormant users, of course rewarding loyal customers is always a good strategy. That being said, if I were you I'd keep an eye out in my inbox for the following email:

Have you received your unique Google+ vanity url yet?

I have to admit I felt a little bit smug when I found out my fellow co-workers hadn't received the email yet, but to that point I have also been visiting and updating my profile daily so I think I should get some brownie points for that :)! What I loved about it though is that they havep repopulated it with my name! Thank you! There is so many Wendy Huang's out there that I know feel special I own the one on Google+. I think this is going to make me love the social network more each day as I stare lovingly at my vanity URL.

What about you? Did you get one?

If you have no idea whether you have received this email yet you can always visit your profile and look for a little dark grey status bar at the top which should look like this: (I kindly borrowed this image from the techwalls blog because I clicked mine without screenshotting it so thank you techwalls, you were obviously a lot more diligent than me)

Have you received your unique Google+ vanity url yet?

Trust me I almost missed this, it's not very visible so I'd check carefully. 

If you haven't yet received your invite, I'd go in a speed the process by updating your profile, and following a few people each day. This will send a signal to Google+ that you are using their platform and active and they'll surely move you up the line.

For pages it's a different story as well. Pages will need to wait for their turn, but as a prerequisite you'll need to also install a google badge onto the official site you listed onto your Google+ plage. In our case it's savvvysme.com.au and we'll find a place to install this badge today.

For more instructions on how to install the badge and a more technical explanation, I encourage you to visit the blog post from Techwalls.

Let me know if you've received your unique URL and what it is :) I would love to celebrate with my fellow Google+ser's!

Wendy Huang

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Thanks Wendy. Navigating Google plus is never easy but I will give this a try. Love your work. Neil.

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Hey 4 minutes later and its all done! A new URL and its easy to use and remember.

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