20 ways to save the planet!

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20 ways to save the planet!

Climate change is a very real issue, and many businesses find it a challenge to manage day to day business operations while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Do you think it’s too hard to be environmentally friendly? Reducing the environmental impact of your business will improve the sustainability of your business, give your business a reason to stand out from its competitors, as well as positive impacts our environment.

We have some tips to help you go green below, but first you might like to calculate the carbon footprint of your business. Use this calculate from Carbon Neutral.

Now, the ideas on how to go green, try implementing the following ideas in your business;

1. Partnering with a Virtual Assistant as a great way to make a difference with the planet! A Virtual Assistant works from their own office, immediately saving to not only your operational and equipment costs. When you use electronic communication, such as Skype, email and the phone, you effectively reduce the use of paper and consumables.

Here is a list of ways EVA HQ operates to minimize its impact on the environment.

2. Working from our home office! No commuting to the office each day.

3. Think before print! We have added a reminder to the bottom of our emails, prompting others to think before printing also.

4. Use both sides of the paper.

5. Turn scrap paper into a note pads.

6. Shred paper into animal bedding or compost.

7. Use Fresh books (cloud based accounting program), that stores our business receipts and delivers client invoices electronically.

8. Turn off appliances when not in use, and even removing power cords from the plug to conserve energy.

9. Regular maintenance & servicing of appliances and equipment. Including air conditioner and leaking taps.

10. Installed a water tank, with plans to add another tank.

11. Installed a solar system to save on electricity use.

12. Empty water bottle or glass into your pot plants or garden, not down the sink.

13. Reduce landfill – recycle all items that can be recycled.

14. Use refillable ink cartridges and toners. We use and recommend Ink on the Run Bendigo.

15. Compost green waste.

16. Purchase recycled items, paper etc.

17. Car pool when attending meetings, conferences or events.

18. Offset any carbon emission from travel with Carbon Offset Programs

19. Plant a tree. We have partnered with Carbon Neutral to purchase a tree for each all our clients every year.

20. Support and participate in events such as Clean Up Australia Day.

Of course this list is just the tip of the iceberg, you may have other ideas on how your office is making a positive difference to the environment - I'd love to hear how you're going green!

Sam Spence

Owner & Virtual Assistant at

I'm the owner & founder of Executive Virtual Associate, a business supporting busy business owners & leaders gain back some of their valuable time. Prior to starting my business, I had an extensive 22 year career with Westpac. I am the first Australian VA to become EthicsCheck Certified as issued by IVAA, & Executive Virtual Associate, is the first Registered Australian Virtual Business (RAVB) as issued by AVBN (Australian Virtual Business Network).