Online and Offline Security Challenges – and How to Overcome Them

Online and Offline Security Challenges – and How to Overcome Them
  • Crime, especially recurring ones, will stunt your small business’s growth.
  • Use VPNs, conduct training and install cyber security software to deter cyber criminals.
  • Install access control, alarm systems, smart locks and conduct robust personnel checks to protect your premises.

Robust security is essential for all businesses, and not just for obvious reasons like preventing a break-in. Crime directly affects a company’s profits, and – even more worryingly – reduces its ability to grow, sometimes to the point of total collapse.

There are other critical reasons for installing a comprehensive security system:

  • You may end up spending profits on repairing physical damage to your business premises
  • You will pay the price to restore systems following data breaches
  • You will end up losing credibility with your customers, leading to reduced growth due to a lack of confidence in security.
  • Increased insurance premiums following a claim. Multiple claims not only lead to significantly higher costs but could even culminate in being refused cover altogether.

While this applies to all, the dangers are even more applicable to small and medium-sized companies, with a negative correlation between crime and their ability to grow for the long term.

As a small business owner, you will have invested a lot of time and money to build the business. The worst thing to happen is to get robbed. All business premises such as your shop, office, storage facility or even a small home office need to be secured and guarded.

To protect your business 24/7, we list all the common online and offline security challenges and how you can overcome them, so you can work towards running and growing your business with peace of mind.

Online security challenges faced by small businesses

Data breaches in Australia are growing at an incredible rate, with small and medium-sized enterprises being the most targeted.* Data is hugely valuable to criminals, and having to admit to customers that the integrity of your database has been breached is not only embarrassing, it’s highly damaging to customer confidence.

The following are ways to tighten up your company’s online security.

1. Install a cybersecurity system

Hackers love easy targets, and the reason small businesses are so attractive to them is that they don’t have the same level of security as large corporations. Even a basic system can be a huge deterrent to cyber criminals because of the time it takes to crack the security system. On encountering such an obstacle, hackers will turn elsewhere for easier spoils.

2. Provide quality data security training

Employee negligence is a major factor in data breaches, making it imperative that adequate training is carried out. Regular updates should be in place to ensure everyone is following protocol.

3. VPNs

 More and more companies have remote workers or contractors, either within Australia or around the world. When it comes to sensitive data, using a quality VPN (Virtual Private Network) can ensure no third party is able to intercept information sent back and forth, adding another layer to online security.

Offline security challenges 

Physically securing a company’s premises is vital. Break-ins and vandalism are costly, and prevention is certainly preferable to having to deal with the aftereffects. Serious consideration should be given to the following:

1. A commercial-grade alarm system

 Preferable with security cameras and the ability to monitor remotely and one that sends notifications to you and the relevant emergency services should an infringement be detected. You might also want to consider an out-of-hours security guard. Or, if this seems a little extreme, hire a mobile security patrol who make random checks on your property during the hours it’s empty.

2. Install robust locks

All business property should be adequately secured against unauthorised entry. This includes all access and egress points, gates, external and internal doors, windows and any other entrances and exits. Smart locks and automatic systems may trump old-style lock and key, or you could use both. Moreover, if you have just bought or leased a premise, then there may be other people who has the keys to your business. You should change the locks to be extra careful. Some insurance companies may reject your claim for this reason, so it’s best to get to it before you move in.

3. Security checks for employees and external personnel

New staff should always undergo sufficient security checks. However, the real challenge comes with allowing access to third parties – in particular, those who work for your vendors or regular suppliers. No reputable company should be insulted if you enquire as to their hiring practices and security processes of checking new staff. Such transparency helps you carry out due diligence as to who might be coming on to your property. ​

4. Utilise smart access control

Smart access systems let you determine who can enter your premises, or specific areas on your property. You can deny access to anyone, especially zones where valuables or sensitive information are kept. You will also have a log of who went in and out including access time.

5. Light it up

 Thieves and vandals love working in the shadows. By ensuring your establishment is well lit, it is a massive deterrent to these would-be wrongdoers. Install motion sensor lights inside and outside of your building. 

Investing in your company’s security is investing into your future business prosperity. Company profitability decreases in line with a rise in security breaches, making the provision of effective security not just a preventative measure, but an active aspect of long-term profitability and growth.

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* Weber Insurance Services - List of Data Breaches in Australia 2018-2021

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