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As Christmas draws nearer and most of my business appointments now suspend until 2013, I can feel myself starting to get excited about what I will achieve next year.

Upon reflection, I find it intriguing that the time of year can evoke varied emotions of success perception versus my own personal pressure to perform and cause you to place different expectations on both your personal and business achievements.

Only 4 weeks ago, I was feeling very stressed and uptight about not achieving my new business goals fast enough. I was annoyed with myself for not yet finishing the building of my website, punishing myself for not working fast enough through my business plan and grumpy that I was not working hard enough to engage new clients and grow my business at the rate “I think” I should be.

Another month passes by, which just happens to be the closing of the year and suddenly I realize that all of these pressures and self-punishment have slowly melted away, and my brain is clearer.  I feel positive, motivated and excited! I still haven’t finished my website or the long action list of business tasks I have written, but now that seems to be ok; many of my clients, friends and colleagues feel like this too.

My thought is that by mid December your logic starts to take over, you know intuitively that certain tasks will just not happen around Christmas. You know that you may not get the answer you want regarding a client lead follow up, and it’s best left for a few weeks.  Employees go on leave, decision makers suspend certain actions and generally, business thoughts move into the New Year.

This is a great time for you to regroup and think about your New Year plans, get yourself motivated and finish off your business strategies.  Take a little time to review the year that was, ready to hit the ground running when doors reopen in mid-January. What are your next step goals?  And don’t just think of revenue, growth and clients,  write your business bucket-list! Is there someone in your industry you would love to meet personally? Another business or venue that inspires you that you should visit? A certain course you would love to undertake?

Think about what will really make your next year in business one to remember – and how you can plan your next move to cross these items off.

Merry Christmas and best of luck in 2013! 

Kathie Bolitho

DIrector at Tough Cookie Marketing

Services marketer focused on helping hospitality and service based businesses build and manage client relationship to become superheros. Love social media, teaching others 'how to' and watching my clients have "ah ha" moments. Long past history in hospitality, events and seriously great customer service. http://www.toughcookiemarketing.com/

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

What an excellent article! I think we're all looking towards the Christmas/New Year break and spending time with the family, and getting fat!! :) But you're right, it's also a great time to regroup and collect our thoughts so that we're fully charged to take hold of what's in store for 2013!

Kathie Bolitho

Kathie Bolitho, DIrector at Tough Cookie Marketing

Thanks Phil!