The most powerful marketing tool in business today

Digital Marketing

The most powerful marketing tool in business today

Whether you like it or not marketing is a crucial task for all businesses and nonprofits.

No matter what your organization does or sells, you really must get a handle on how to raise the profile of your cause. And more so, you really need to know how to influence your key customers and hoped-for customers to join, donate, buy, share and so on - whatever you need them to do in order to advance your business or cause. 

Despite what you may have heard email marketing is still number 1. The stats prove it. And while social media has great reach, email is still the 'King of Return'. This is a fact that has been proven over and over again. So don't listen to those people who say that email is dead - THEY ARE COMPLETELY WRONG! Please don't fall into the same trap and miss out on growing your business through the most personal and persuasive marketing activity around. 

Sure there are both good ways and bad ways to do email marketing. I am sure you have experienced both. The solution is really quite simple. Be strategic, be friendly, be human, and most of all be compelling. Write emails that you would like to receive yourself and you can't go wrong. 

One of the greatest assets you will create is your email database and email marketing content. Spend some time being strategic on this and you will see great results. I guarantee. Every one of my clients that I have guided in this area have grown their business or nonprofit. 

So I encourage you to give it a try. 

Today I was sent a free copy of a great book on Email Marketing - Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie. Now while I have not read it yet, I have attended his training many times and I must say his content is very good. I have used his approach many times and received great results.

Ian has asked me to pass this free gift on to you. So for a short time only, if you go here you will be able to download a Kindle version of this book for free.

So do yourself a favor, grab this free pearl and read it over the Christmas break. I guarantee you will be more than glad you did.

Thanks for your time.

Darryn Altclass

Brand & Marketing Consultant at

I am very lucky to work as a Brand & Marketing Strategist for a number of small businesses in Sydney - XYZ, The Learning Community and Website in a Weekend. All my work is focussed on telling the right story to the right people on the right platforms to get the right action. And I feel very blessed as I absolutely love what I do.

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Thank you Darryn and also to Ian. Both the book and article are very timely for me, I have enjoyed the article and look forward to getting stuck into the book.

Darryn Altclass

Darryn Altclass, Brand & Marketing Consultant at

My pleasure Neil. I hope you find it very helpful. Let me know if you need a hand with your strategy. regards Darryn