The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020 and Beyond

The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020 and Beyond
  • Gone are the days of flashy packaging. Why? Because today's consumers are much more conscious of their environmental footprint and they seek out brands who demonstrate that they care about sustainability. 
  • As well as the social responsibility businesses have to reduce their overall carbon footprint, there are a number of benefits of using sustainable packaging options including reduced costs and reinforcing a strong brand message.
  • Read on to find out why sustainable packaging is on the rise and why businesses can't afford to ignore environmental factors when deciding how to package their products.

Today’s sustainable packaging encompasses so much more than just the environmental impact.

Consumers are far more aware of their purchasing choices – not to mention that the range they have to select from is far greater than in any time in the past.

Companies spend a huge amount of effort creating a product range to suit their target market. Therefore, ensuring the packaging element also receives adequate attention is an important aspect of overall product excellence.

Enter the role of sustainable packaging and its importance for commercial success.

What is the role of sustainable packaging?

The presentation of a product is just as important as the product itself. In 2020 the awareness of the consumer has never been greater, not to mention that of governments and local authorities.

Companies have a social responsibility to develop the ultimate packaging solutions for their products that address true sustainability.

Doing this well has many (many!) benefits.

What are the benefits of sustainable packaging?

Here is a snapshot of some of the benefits of using environmentally-friendly packaging.

1. It benefits the planet

 Using packaging options created from sustainable materials that are made using energy from renewable sources dramatically reduces the resulting carbon footprint.

While it might not be possible to (currently) guarantee that a 100% renewable energy source is taken advantage of, using at least some in the manufacturing process is vital.

2. It reduces costs

One of the key aspects of sustainable packaging is to reduce the number of materials used. The days of flashy, over-packaging are behind us, and by using only the amount needed for protection and presentation can have a dramatic effect on overall costs.

3. It delivers a strong customer message

Packaging is a key element in building a brand. Today’s consumers want to be sure that their purchasing choices are ethical, and one way this is determined is via packaging. Get this crucial point right and it’s a powerful marketing tool – one that builds brand loyalty (and therefore profits) over time.

4. It can add the ‘wow’ factor

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, it’s totally the opposite. Consider the ingenious option chosen by H&M with the provision of a shopping bag that can be transformed into a coat hanger?

H&M's shopping bag is not only made from sustainable materials, but delivers a potent message that the company cares about the world we live in. They’ve done their homework and are appealing to their target market’s views and mindset (18-35 year olds who’re environmentally aware and appreciate such eco-friendly packing options).

Are plant-based packaging solutions a good option?

Compostable packaging is becoming a huge deal – and for very good reason. Plant-based packaging with the ability to break down quickly and be used as compost is the gold standard.

When it comes to cardboard packing boxes, sleeves and cartons, it’s a no-brainer for companies to ensure that their choices are ethical and sustainable.

Committing to sustainability isn’t simply a PR stunt, it’s something that every business needs to take seriously. Consumer awareness is on the rise, meaning that those who don’t address their packaging responsibilities stand to lose out considerably in the very near future.

Why are more companies using sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is set to become more important than ever.

Paying due attention to the sustainability of packaging is something the savvy marketer and retailer is taking note of. Cost reductions and social responsibility aside, the ability to connect with customers, drive a brand message and ultimately increase sales strikes at the heart of every company’s bottom line.

Crystal Pack are well aware of the importance of sustainable packaging, working with their clients to determine the right packing options for their needs.

Their ability to work from drawing board to the finished product, as well as being Western Australia’s only zero-carbon printer, allows them to partner with their clients to determine truly eco-friendly and ethical packaging solutions.

In today’s ethically-driven marketplace, businesses can’t afford to ignore the vital element of how to best package their product. Crystal Pack’s expertise is exactly what’s needed to get the edge on your competition.

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