How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?
  • Have you ever wondered how often you should be posting on Pinterest to get the most out of your marketing initiatives?
  • Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a recommended number of post per week, but this isn't the case for Pinterest.
  • That said, there are some key factors to consider to help you create a Pinterest posting schedule for your business.

Any business looking to create better visibility understands the importance of consistently posting on social media.

With Pinterest being both a visual search engine and social media marketing platform, it's not an exception to this. 

So the question you're probably asking is: How often do you need to post on Pinterest?

The answer is, it depends. Unlike other social media platforms where there is a recommended number of posts per week, there is no magic number on Pinterest for how often you should be posting. 

However, there are three factors that should be considered in coming up with a magic number specific to your account.

How Often to Post on Pinterest: 3 Key Factors to Consider 

Without further ado, here are the three factors to consider when determining how often you should be posting on Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest’s algorithm 
  2. Your competitor's posting behaviours 
  3. Your analytics 

1. Pinterest’s Algorithm 

As you know, consistency is key to succeeding in any social media platforms. That's why you must ask yourself how many pins you're able to post consistently. Even if the answer is three pins per day, as long as you can keep it up, your content can still reach a wide audience. 

The important thing to remember here is that Pinterest values consistency over quantity, so sharing 30 high-quality content over two weeks is still preferred over dropping 30 pins all at once. 

Don't worry if you can't commit to pinning 30 pins a day, because you can always start small and increase your pin frequency as you grow your business and increase your content library by creating new images to accompany your blog posts. 

Timing is also a key to reaching a wider audience. Data from Coschedule shows that peak days for pinning are every Friday and Saturday. So try scheduling your pins later at night on those days and see whether it makes a difference to your views. 

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?

2. Your Competitors' Posting Behaviors

Another great way to know how often you should post is by checking your competitors’ profiles. 

Simply use Pinterest’s search function and check out profiles that are similar to yours. These accounts should give you an idea of the number of pins your competitors are pinning, and what kind of content is receiving tons of likes and comments. 

If you want to dive into more data such as precise times, consider conducting a competitive analysis using True Social Metrics. This third-party tool allows you to deep-dive into your competitor's posting strategy and best practices. 

By gathering data on your competitors' posting strategy, you'll be able to garner a much better idea of what type of content to share, as well as how often you should be posting to improve audience engagement.

3. Your Analytics

Pinterest has an analytics page that shows data on when and where your followers interact with your pins. This is especially useful if you already have a sizable audience as it provides you with key insights into your audience's behaviour. 

Here are some questions to help you make sense of this data:

  • Who’s engaging with your posts?
  • What posts are getting the most engagements?
  • When do these posts get the most engagement?

Knowing who your audience is, what content they enjoy and when they are most active are great places to start with when creating impactful content and planning a schedule.

Your notifications are also a great way to see which of your most recent posts are getting pinned, and when they’re getting pinned. Couple this information with the data from the analytics page and you’ll be able to create content that is more relevant to your audience.


There is no magic number as to how often you should be posting on Pinterest. But rather than feeling lost, consider this as an opportunity to create your own rules. Look at all three factors mentioned in this article to determine the posting frequency that works for you.

Staying consistent with posting content, taking note of your competitors’ posting schedule and content library and having a clear picture of who your target audience is can all help when marketing your business on Pinterest.

The bottom line is to design and implement a content schedule that you can follow. 

So keep on pinning! You've got this. 

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