7 cloud apps that will make our business more productive in 2014?

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7 cloud apps that will make our business more productive in 2014?

What's Going to Make You More Productive In 2014?

Being in the business of helping SME's connect their data and access their Important financial information with our cloud accounting software, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the cloud apps I use to help stay focused and productive.

7 cloud apps that keep me on track each day.

Buffer –We all now that social media is an important tool to market your business and connect with your customers but who has the time to login in multiple times of then day to share posts. Buffer is a great way to schedule when you want to actually post something on many different social media platforms

Dropbox - I use Dropbox for person and business use. Great way to access important marketing and sales information from anywhere and to share folders with team members or your bookkeeper and accountant.

Google docs – Like the above although if you use  other Google apps like Google mail and calendar, then having it all together in one place makes a lot of sense.

Simple Task for Mac- I create a daily to do list and colour code by importance. Everyone has lots of tasks they can be doing, but colour coding makes me focus pin these first before moving to less important or if I can delegate out to others.

Prezi – An alternative to power point. If you looking to be a little different to your competitors (and you should be) then check this app out.  Build online presentations, collaborate and share with team members and potential customers.

Popplet – If your into brainstorming then popplet is an easy app to mind map your thoughts, strategies and plans for 2014. you can invite team members to share ideas or once finished easy share or print into a presentation.

Goanimate – If you looking to add a video to your website and don’t have the budget to get the experts to do something, then check this app which will guide you through putting together an animated video to help get your corporate message across.

These are just a few that help us each day and all in the cloud. Would love to hear about more apps that are helping you become more productive in 2014


Andrew Oldham

National Business Manager at

Passionate about helping other people achieve success personally and in the business. https://www.facebook.com/howtotranformyourlife

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I'm glad you put my 3 favourite apps in there :) Prezi, Buffer and Dropbox!! I'll have to check out some of the other ones you listed :) Thanks!

John Belchamber

John Belchamber, Owner & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results

Thanks for sharing this list Andrew, there are some here I'd not come across that look most helpful.

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