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The Future Of Digital Marketing For Accountants


With knowledge comes power. 

In our digital age, the dissemination of this knowledge gives rise to an unprecedented opportunity to influence and help others en masse.

What has traditionally been 1-1 consultations, seminars to rooms of dozens or hundreds, now exists in a digital space where people can access the top minds in each industry with the click of a button and where experts and professionals are able to influence and add value to the scale of ‘000s, 24/7 and over a period of years with only a few taps of a keyboard.

The advancements provided to us by the internet has disrupted many industries but it has failed to do so to the same extent for business. As people in small businesses, we are still struggling to access what and who we need seamlessly. We're still scurrying around Google, across different mediums and friends and family. It's what we know and what we're used to - battling it out as the underdogs, so we just keep at it. 

At SavvySME, we look to translate these advancements to the small business world. Our goal is simply to optimise this process until businesses across Australia are able to get the answers and people they need when they need them.

We're doing this by way of technical design, SEO and machine learning but most important of all is in growing this 30,000+ community of peers and experts along with a culture that supports that sharing of knowledge among small businesses. 

Business is unique in the sense that there is no end to learning and no barrier to wisdom, whether you’ve been in business for 10 days or 10 years, we all have more to learn and experiences to share. 

Our next initiative to improving the way Australian businesses access the answers they need is in a set of FAQs that are top of mind for all businesses. With almost 2000 questions, you’ve helped ask and answer a lot of these questions already. Now we’re filling in the gaps so that SavvySME can become the comprehensive support network Aussies need for their businesses.  

Our first stop: Accountants

There are some clear knowledge gaps in our community. We're tackling them one by one. We're calling for all accountants to help contribute their experience below. Even if you’re not an accountant, if you have insights to share, by all means, please jump in! 

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