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Learn And Grow By Following Topics From Industry Experts

If you’ve been consuming our content regularly, then we’re pleased to tell you that we have revamped the “Follow Topics” page. This is what it looks like now.

Grow with SavvySME

For those who have never set your topics of interest, you can access this page from our new and slicker main menu. Go to “Personalise”, and then “Follow Topics”.

How do you grow with SavvySME?

We’ve thought long and hard about our members’ needs. We have such a diverse set of SMEs in our community, from new businesses and established businesses that are trying to survive to entrepreneurs who are succeeding and growing.

Some of you may still be finding a stable footing while some are growing rapidly. Through it all, we found one common thread among business owners. And that is, you want to be better.

Being better means growing, whether personally as an entrepreneur and a boss, or externally by growing your income and bottom line.

We’ve categorised all our content to 72 topics, all with one purpose: to help you grow.

Our content covers pretty much everything under the sun about what it takes to be a business owner, from personal development to business growth. It’s for those who are just starting out on their own, who are struggling to find an answer to turn around their business, who want to grow their customer base, and those who want to build a business they would be proud to call their own.

Once you pick your topics of interest, we will tailor your home page feed and emails with relevant and interesting articles, and suggest top influencers to follow and connect.

Why should you follow topics?

1. Get what you need when you need it

Organise your thoughts by selecting the topics you need answers for the most. Need to market your business on Facebook? We have a feed for that. Need to understand your cash flow better? There’s a stream of content on that topic. All you need is just a couple of minutes daily to read through relevant content that helps you grow.

2. Highly experienced experts write our content

Unlike other publishers, we don’t have a team of journalists to suss out content and write articles. All our articles are written based on personal experience. You will be reading genuine advice from business owners who have survived the storm, and experts in their fields who have helped other businesses grow.

Our top influencers are vetted from nearly 20,000 SavvySME members to share their well-earned wisdom. You are also more than welcome to write the lessons you have learnt and any tips and tricks you have acquired.

3. Connect with experts

Read an article you love that answers all your burning questions? Why not connect with the writer and get chatting? It’s easy to feel isolated running a business and this is a common feeling among entrepreneurs, especially as most people are wage earners. They’ve never had to worry about the next pay check, paying other people’s salaries or making a profit to go on a year-end holiday. Connecting with people who are experiencing the same highs and lows that you are going through will help lessen your loneliness.

Happy following!