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3things creates simple, compelling, highly cost effective video productions. Our aim is to make video accessible for SMEs who can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a single production.



Video Production


Our flagship video, the 3things video, currently costs AUD$1,000 for three videos, filmed in a single session. We can feature different interviewees at the same time/location.

We also offer video case studies and ad hoc productions. These start at AUD$1,000 for the "3things case study" format, and increase depending on your requirements.  



Copywriting and Content Marketing


If you'd like compelling, unique and eye-catching content to grab people's attention, we offer professional copywriting and editing services. From fixing up your existing website text to blogs, eBooks, infographics and Slideshares, we specialise in a wide range of business and consumer content.  


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Lisa Creffield answered a question

For my personal website content should I write in 1st person or 3rd person?

First person 100%.But try to avoid "I" as much as possible. The more you can generalise and universalise your experience, the more it brings readers in and the more powerful it becomes. For example:"I've never liked standing in a bank...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

Is content syndication good idea, if it is then how to find best fit?

The era of personal blogs as a destination is pretty much over (unless you're super famous): you can't just leave it up on a site and hope to get clicks or even subscribers. You have several options for distribution, one of which is simply sharing...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

Your opinion on sites like Wix, Square Space, BigCommerce

I have used Wix.com to set up a couple of sites. I find its interface very slow, and the blogging aspect of it (currently anyway) not easy or responsive, nor particularly intuitive. I don't have experience with a commercial/etail site on there, so...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

How do you promote a restaurant located away from the main road?

Just thinking as a customer, three routes tend to get me to try out a new restaurant:1. Hearing about it word of mouth or in a review, and being able to check its menu online2. Driving or walking past and seeing a board with interesting specials or...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

How important is grammar and syntax in social media?

It is incredibly important.  Writing well is a reflection of your intelligence and professionalism.  Social media is also public media. If you want to use colloquial "text speak" among your close friends and family by all means do so, but make sure...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

Do you use video in your online marketing? Why or why not?

Video is powerful but it can be expensive, so you need a clear reason and strategy for it. Also, no video should be untranscribed. It costs just a few dollars for an (outsourced) transcription and you should always get one done, whether the video...

Lisa Creffield answered a question

Will paywalls across Fairfax change media consumption habits?

It's harsh because we really should be paying for quality journalism. But the reality is that unless a title has a really defined niche, like The Economist, it's easy for readers to find similar content elsewhere, for free.  That's a major...

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Lisa Creffield

Lisa Creffield Founder Top 10% Website


Amire Strategic Digital Marketing

Amire specialises in SEO, ocal search, Google Ads, paid social, conversion rate optimisation and so much more! We provide these services from medium to large businesses to improve their visibility on search engines such as Google. The directors have over 20 years of experience in this industry...


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