456 Cleveland

456 Cleveland

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2/13 Hill Street, Toowoomba City, QLD 4350

ABN 62628807116
EST 0254


This example captures selected address components from the Google Places database into an address form.

The selection of specific address components in this example is based on a typical address format. You may need to select different components to align with the postal address formats of different countries. For example, the code selects the locality component, which often represents the city part of the address. However, note the following examples of how the components may differ:

In the UK and Sweden the correct component to display the city is postal_town.
In Japan, the component differs across prefectures.
Brooklyn and other parts of New York City do not include the city as part of the address. They use sublocality_level_1 instead.
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  • Acoustical Consultants
  • Asphalt Products & Supplies
  • Building Contractors-Maintenance & Repairs


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