6clicks Pty Ltd

6clicks Pty Ltd

Information and communication technology

Level 7/575 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

ABN 12631686452
EST 2019


Hello! We are 6clicks.

Highly effective risk management & compliance software including award winning mobile app.

Digital transformation is redefining every industry, from health, education and finance to agriculture, mining and transport.

We believe that these new technologies to be successfully adopted and safely embedded into our way of life, we must address the issue of trustworthiness.

Organisations selling and operating these technologies must demonstrate that they have considered relevant threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. They must also demonstrate compliance to the applicable standards, laws and regulations. Each organisation must not only address these issues for itself, but across its entire supply chain.

We are on a mission to improve risk and and compliance practices. By doing so, we can better connect people with technology, to ensure that this technology lives up to expectations both in terms of maximising benefits and minimising downside.