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Able Door Services supply, install, service and repair a comprehensive range of industrial, commercial doors and loading bay equipment. Whether your requirements are for new products, repair or refurbishment of existing equipment, look no further. Able Door Services delivers. Our engineers are widely experienced with knowledge of all types of equipment, regardless of origin. Our extensive product range includes: • Steel Shutters • Fire Shutter • Car park Shutters • Windlock Shutters


Tony Skinner

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WARNING. Horrible people and service. Very unprofessional business. Turned up to service a roller door to a block of units at 2.45pm without giving any notice and trapped everyone s cars inside the garage. When I asked if I could get out to pick up my 5 year old daughter I got abused by the workers and told it’s not their f^%#^* problem. I called their business number to see if here was someone competent to talk to but was abused again by some crazy old lady. Not sure how they get any business but they just lost a good strata contract

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Christine Falzon

The arrived on time. They were within the budget. The shutter is fixed. The shutter works almost as new. I am happy because the boss is happy. The service people know their stuff. Absolutely. Recommend HIGHLY.

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I had a horrible experience with Able Doors who were unprofessional and rude. The technicians turned up at the wrong time and day to repair the door and claimed that it wasn’t their fault it was their head management who was to blame. The technician then proceeded to become agravated when I questioned this and he started to swear and rant and rave about him not knowing why this occurred. I was horrified. I then rang their head office to ask why this issue has occurred with the bookings and spoke to an even ruder and incompetent woman, who could not even verify her position in the company. I asked to speak to a manager and that’s who they put me through to. She was condescending and spoke to me in the worst manner. She was calling me ‘darl’ over and over whist being sarcastic and patronising. ashe just couldn’t understand what the problem was with the technician turning up at the wrong day and time. She was saying comments that didn’t make sense, and thinking about the rudeness and unprofessionalism of the conversation, I’m not even sure if she worked for the business, or if this is even a legitimate business. Overall the experience was shocking. They should change their name to Unabled Doors because thats what would be appropriate to reflect their terrible service.

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Prudence Lamonte

Thank you Able Doors - The prompt service and professionalism was not only refreshing and helpful but Spyros in particular went above and beyond to ensure our buildings security and safety not to be compromised in an after hours call out. Bob Jane Artarmon appreciate you greatly!!

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Darius Hantu

They don't service residential. Don't waste your time



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