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Absolute Spotless is a renowned cleaning company based in Perth Australia offering commercial cleaning services, be it corporate and private commercial cleaning, they provide commercial cleaning services to all sized offices, small business to mid-sized business firms as well as zillions dollars companies.


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vaishakh c

good work... i would like to recommend them to eveyone....

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Stephen Zeng

Please stay away from this dodgy company! They should renamed to Absolute Spotness. The two cleaners were international students. When I came back home after they claimed finished, I found some places in the kitchen hadn't be touched. The screens on the windows were taken off but not installed back. One was even broken but they claimed it was already broken! One of the blinds was taken off but not installed back. I had to even call them to ask where it was! And I still haven't received my receipt after several weeks! Absolute disgusting!

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James Duff

Our Suit factory needs cleaning on daily basis. A year ago we were having our own cleaners but the quality of cleaning was not impressive and I decided to hire a cleaning company who can cleaning our factory area and offices. We decided to try absolute spotless. This company really achieved what they promised. We are having regular visits of their cleaners. If we do have any issues with cleaning they are resolved instantly. All the staff is very helpful and we are looking to continue using Absolute Spotless

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Wally Bakar

Professionals at Absolute Spotless were absolutely fantastic. They were thorough and left everything spotless. Also they were very professional and coordinating while performing their tasks. I would like to rank them on top of the list for future considerations.

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Ruth Rulon

I must say, they truly did an excellent job. They surprised me with their outstanding cleaning services that too with in short time span. Surely I will recommend cleaning Perth to all



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