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Accredited Heavy Vehicle Training

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AHVT (Accredited Heavy Vehicle Training) is the leading Truck Licence and Bus Driver Training School in New South Wales. AHVT offer's all Heavy Vehicle Licence Classes including LR (Light Rigid), MR (Medium Rigid), HR (Heavy Rigid), HC (Heavy Combination), MC (Multi-Combination) & Road Ranger Licence Courses. All of our courses are performed by RMS Approved and Accredited Trainers and Assessors in Moorebank, Sydney, Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs. In addition to our Truck Licence Courses, AHVT is the only Heavy Vehicle Driver Training School that utilises full-size, industry standard buses for all Bus Driver Training Courses and Bus Driver Licence Courses. We offer 100% online Bus Driver Authority Courses in both 1-on-1 settings, group settings and corporate settings for Bus & Coach Companies. For more information about our courses, including REAL photos of our training vehicles and Bus Driver Training packages, please visit our website. Alternatively, you can call us directly.


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Multi-Combination Truck Licence

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Multi-Combination Truck Licence  

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Heavy Combination Truck Licence

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Heavy Combination Truck Licence  

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Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

AHVT is the the Leading Truck Licence and Bus Driver Training School in New South Wales.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

AHVT's Training and Licence Courses cater for all types of customers. This includes individuals, small companies, large companies, corporations and even Job Seekers.

What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

All Training Courses are performed by RMS Approved and Accredited Trainers and Assessors

Which geographical areas does your business service?

AHVT operates all courses in Sydney, Australia.

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

In addition to Licence Courses (which are governed by the RMS), AHVT offers specialised industry training - This includes but is not limited to Bus Driver Training, Transport & Logistics Training and Tip-Truck Training.

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