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We believe that everyone can achieve lives of extraordinary wellness. Through world-class service and our chiropractors’ expertise, we share the powerful preventative and proactive possibilities of ongoing chiropractic care with our patients and communities.


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Jessica Li

Looking at all these reviews, I question their authenticity. I went to Action Health Centre last year for about 3 months for pain in my hand. During the 'free' consultation, we were showed a video which basically said Dr Limbo had cured a lot of people and that the basis for most pain is the blocking of a nerve. He then examines your spine and points out areas where the nerve is blocked and if you want treatment you have to pay (i think it was $60) to get a compulsory xray at his office (even if you already have one taken recently from the doctors.) He then suggests a plan where you go to his office 3 times a week for treatment for 3 months and then once a week. These treatments last less than 5 minutes and are very expensive. In the end I stopped going because I did not get any better. I would not recommend this place to any of my friends. Also, I believe most of these reviews are fake because a lot of them keep saying how nice the staff is. Whenever I went it was mostly only Dr Limbo in the office, sometimes there was a receptionist but she was barely there

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Theresa Theresa

I am so glad I was referred to Action Health Centre Sydney. I had never been to a Chiropractor and was very skeptical. The office and staff eased my concerns and fears. Great chiropractor. Great customer service. Professional and helpful staff.

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Ed Malone

I have had an excellent experience at Action Health Centre Sydney. Everyone in this office is genuinely caring and friendly. My favorite aspect about this office is how timely and flexible they are! I have never had to wait more than five minutes to be called into the office, even if I've showed up early because of my work schedule.

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James Summers

I have been very pleased with the care I have received from Action Health Centre Sydney, and have seen good progress with my areas of concern. I truly believe that the chiropractor and staff are care about your overall health! I would recommend anyone looking to improve their overall health, or for good chiropractic care, to go visit Action Health Centre!

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abraar dandachi

After nagging back pain, I decided to try chiropractic care. They were able to see me right away and I knew I made a good decision. After adjustment I feel a lot better! I now know more about the importance of stretching and the benefits of adjustments. I recommend Action Health Centre Sydney!



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