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We are a socially aware Family Law practice. We welcome legal aid clients and also offer a $50 30 minute first interview.


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For a very frustrating and worrisome time in my life, I'm glad it was in the hands of these people. They stick to what's important and don't waste money and time squabbeling over petty details, I believe the positive outcome for me was a result of their efficiency and maturity they present to court. Where my ex broke down with inconsistent ranting we took the high ground and won. Great job, hopefully I will never need you again but glad you're there if I do.

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Allirra Chaunut

Adelaide family lawyers are the best in the profession. They especially Jennifer made me feel very comfortable and listened to. I am honoured to have a great lawyer and especially a mature person with a very professional attitude. They have a can do attitude! Highly recommend. Jenny has done wonders for my custody case. Thank you Adelaide family lawyers

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Sebastian Mari

Don't spend your money here, wasn't even worth my legal aid, your better off spending more money than putting your future at risk with this firm. Time management skills are poor, no respect shown to clients and honestly just lazy. Many issues I wanted to raise were pushed aside as not important because they didn't want to spend their time doing the job they get paid for. Court ordered my affidavit be submitted before a certain date. I contacted the firm well in advanced to organise this, was told they would be in contact. No contact, after raising the issue again I was told "They could not fit me in" so no affidavit would be submitted. Once I kicked up a fuss about this, they responded that i had lost faith and they are withdrawing as my lawyers, 2 days before my appearance, no responding affidavit, no instruction for my barrista and no lawyer . Didn't blink twice to kick me to the curb. Ultimately I paid for it, as the judge was not impressed that i had no response submitted, also costing me further time spending with my son and an adjournment for 2 months.

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Murlikrishna Viswanathan

Jennifer was very professional and provided prompt advise. They were considerate of my needs.

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Rebecca Sutherland

Great lawyer, extensive knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. Highly Recomend!



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