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Adept IT

Information and communication technology

2 Grevillea Cres, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029

ABN 55 996 170 494
EST 2011


Adept IT is a small, customer focussed IT support and consulting business. Located in Melbourne's West, we provide services through Australia and internationally. Fields of speciality include Windows Server and Desktop, & Office365. We can recommend, supply and install software and hardware products and offer "best-fit" custom solutions rather than one-size-fits-all solutions. In addition to consulting and migrations, we provide ongoing support agreements, either casually or fully unlimited.

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Andrew Egan answered a question

Are you utilizing open-source in your organization?

I'm an IT provider, so I'm across open source on at least a general level. I do have a linux server that's used for web development test site. I've got a client who has a linux-based file server and a separate linux proxy. It was already in place...

Andrew Egan answered a question

What is the best way to approach prospective clients?

Referrals from existing clients is a good opportunity. Make sure you regularly ask your cuirrent clients if there's anyone they could refer you to.. maybe even offer referal bonuses?

Andrew Egan answered a question

What to consider when looking for a business partner or employee?

I think Jeff is correct on a high level. I'd like to diverge into IT generally.You should be looking for the following important factors for an IT support provider:resource skill level - how much experience do they have, do they have vendor...

Andrew Egan answered a question

Is SEO categorised as part of IT or Marketing?

I have a different view on what an IT strategy should contain. IT strategy is a high level, global/infrastructure based document. Our strategy reports usually look something like this:current status of:Physical or virtual servers - hardware,...

Andrew Egan answered a question

What were your experiences with Australian VOIP providers?

Hi Michael,   It's a very broad area, however I'd be happy to answer specifically targetted questions. Below is a quick high-level rundown. Like Micha said, there are plenty of providers, however I'd recommend sticking with the larger...

Andrew Egan answered a question

What Is One Thing Every Business Should Outsource To An Expert?

The one item in my business I would outsource is marketing. I recognise it's something I'm not particularly good at, but something that's critical to driving ongoing growth of my business. It's not necessarily that it annoys me, or it's time...

Andrew Egan answered a question

What stops you from fully moving into the cloud?

I think a crucial show-stopper for several of my clients is the internet speed to their present location. I've got two clients in particular who aren't able to achieve any more than 2M/sec downstream - it's hard enough for them to just browse the...

Andrew Egan answered a question

Should I have my own server or make use of cloud computing?

The decision to host something on the cloud or run your own server is dependent on each particular business. Cost for the actual service is part of it, but there's also things like data privacy and who owns your data, the cost of an enhanced...

Andrew Egan answered a question

What is a great business a teenage kid can start this summer?

I think the honest answer is it depends on the teenager and their interests and abilities as well as access to startup funds. A couple of low-cost options: Lawn mowing business. Dependent on them having a ute, or car with a trailer. Fairly low...

Andrew Egan answered a question

How to assist my staff wanting to bring their own devices to work?

The second major concern with BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) is your actual support costs. Many businesses (especially once they start to become structured and controlled enterprise-based organisations) have a very specific set of software,...

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Andrew Egan

Andrew Egan Director & IT Specialist


SMS Fusion

Enterprise Grade SMS with at prices our competitors can't beat! smsfusion is the industry leader when it comes to technology and pricing. With features like tracking, reporting, scheduling, campaign management and alerts as standard, there is no wonder why smsfusion has taken the industry by...


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