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ADILLA colab is a collective of some of Australia’s leading hair stylists, colourists and session artists. Client service and attention to detail is standard service for every visit to ADILLA. Offering an extensive menu of refreshments including Tea, Coffee, and Wine, and situated across the road from a cafe for those long visits.


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Elecia Baylis

Relaxed environment and great staff - all around great experience without the BS that a lot of DB can normally bring . Loved it and loved my hair . I’ll be back 100%. Thanks Frankie !

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rebekah regan

Easily the best salon in Sydney! Amazing team and service. They have saved my colour after a green chlorine disaster in Bali, back to beautiful creamy blonde ❤️

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Bree Grant

By far the best hair salon I’ve been to in Sydney (and I’ve tried so many) searching for someone who can handle by blonde curly hair, obsessed. Won’t go anywhere else!! Thanks Frankie and the amazing team at Adilla Colon! xx

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Alannah Browne

Loved my first visit to Adilla Colab! It's so obvious how passionate and talented Rhiannon and Frankie are. I was worried about changing my hair colour but they did a fabulous job - Rhiannon is definitely a balayage pro! From client service to an amazing hair do, these ladies are 5 star and going far with their salon! Can't wait to go again.

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E Schibeci

I came to Adilla Colab just after they opened their doors last year. I came to them with damaged, frail, brittle hair, which was falling out and so fine. It was damaged from years of extensions and processing, and wasn’t recovering because of medication and health problems. I’d never had a hairdresser help me with my hair, they’d always just trimmed it, coloured it and sent me on my way. Enter Rhiannon! After a signification consultation, she (very gently and carefully) brushed my hair, and removed the woven in extensions that I had clung to for thickness, and discussed with me the condition of my hair and what I really wanted my hair to look like. I wanted creamy blonde, blunt ends, thickness and body and most of all, healthy hair. Rhiannon talked with me, she explained to me that it was all achievable, but that it wouldn’t be a one day fix. She gently foiled my hair, lightening the colour to a brighter blonde, and treated my hair with Olaplex throughout the entire appointment. When it came time to cut, she was very caring, she knew I was heartbroken that my hair was so short and brittle from previous extensions and that I had kept my hair as long as I could for so long and she suggested to cut just over an inch off of the ends of my hair, to try to bring a blunter, thicker-looking edge to the very fine ends. Rhiannon was so sensitive to the fact that my hair was really important to me, and let me make the decision as to how much I was comfortable with cutting off. (As it turned out, I felt so comfortable and loved the cut, that I came back the following week to let her cut more off and cut my hair into a lob!) I left the salon that day with a huge smile on my face, and a certain confidence about my hair that I hadn’t had in a very long time. Rhiannon helped me with an after care plan for my hair, showing me products to use to build the strength of my hair, and even how best to brush it when it was fragile. My next two appointments were equally as amazing, with Rhiannon again gently colouring, treating and cutting my hair. By the end of my third appointment, and only three months after my first time to Adilla colab, my hair was unrecognisable from my first appointment. It was thicker, healthier, blonder and such an incredible, beautiful, creamy colour. It was everything I had wanted! AND it was growing again! I honestly have no words to accurately describe my appreciation for Rhiannon and Adilla Colab, because now I have the most beautiful, healthy and brilliantly blonde hair that I have ever had, and I have never loved my hair more than I do now! THANK YOU RHI! I have been going to Adilla Colab for more than a year now, and I will never, ever, EVER go anywhere else! Thank you to Rhiannon, Frankie, Alex and Matt, who all make every visit to Adilla Colab a special one, I always feel so welcome and comfortable, I never feel out of place or unwanted and I always leave with a smile on my face and a beautiful head of hair. And after being to quite a number of top salons in Sydney before this one, I can honestly say that overall, Adilla Colab comes out on top, and in my opinion, is the best salon in Sydney. Thank you Adilla Colab, you’ve changed my life and my confidence forever, and I will always be grateful.



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