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We are melbourne based web development company. Specialised in web application development, custom third-party integrations, upgrading legacy system, bringing your business to 21st century.

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10 things every small-business website needs

10 things every small-business website needs

There are many other elements besides how your website looks that go into making it... read more


Aditya Wardhana answered a question

Is link building dead, not just for SEO but for traffic as well?

I guess, it depends on how you build your link.Quality guest post, blog post so that people link to your site works awesome. Google is now all about content and soon will become a QnA engine.But if you buy thousands backlinks from fiverr, IMO might...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

Has anyone built their own website?

Hi,I'd go back to these questions, what's the purpose of getting a website?Is it simply because a business must have a website?Will the website make money for the business (ecommerce)?Is the website is the business?How important is the website...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

How to know what's slowing down a Wordpress website?

We normally use: thing is they summarize what's in "yahoo yslow" and "google pagespeed".As for image optimization, I rely heavily on CDN will help and as mentioned by Jeff,...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

Should we add a new domain to our current site or create a new one?

Hi,I personally think the decision would be very subjective. I am hoping my pointers below will help,1. Creating a new site is a hardwork from SEO perspective, it does help by having the site is a sister site.On the other hand, a 'sister' site with...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

What exactly is a content management system?

Content Management System is a system to manage content of your website. The system normally in form of website / web application like wordpress.Will you manage the content yourself or delegate to the agency? It's totally up to you. When a...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

Do I have to register the domain name?

Hey Mike,If the domain name is already paid for and the registrant is under your name, then it is yours.There is no need for you to re-register the domain, in fact, you / anyone can't re-register the domain.You can check it out by go to this url:...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

What's the difference in cloud and desktop accounting software

1. The costSaaS is definitely cheaper than buyin outright.2. Functionality upgradesSome functionality in saas maybe given for free to subscribers, even if it is for a fee, it won't be as if buying a whole new product.3. Product compatibilitySaaS...

Aditya Wardhana answered a question

What's the best way to set up a website?

Hi,I don't think there is a best way, it really depends on what you need.With websites, you really need to have a plan. Why do you need a website?1. There are businesses out there use their website as another form of 'business card'.For a small...

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