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Aemorph's goal is to guide transformation. If you're a company looking to grow your digital and online presence then we have a myriad of systems, tools, strategies and tactics to boost the way you do business online. Some of the services we offer include Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Display Media Banners, Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising, Brand, Corporate and Explainer Video Production, Web Design and Development, Conversion Rate Optimisation and B2B Lead Generation. Based in Singapore with operations in Sydney, Jakarta, and Manila, the team at Aemorph have a combined 75 years of experience, working with clients from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia

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Kevin Dam answered a question

What marketing techniques to use in a competitive environment?

mind blowing data and giving them an answer to something they've never even thought of before.  

Kevin Dam answered a question

How to start in networking and infrastructure as a student?

Hi Danh, What do you mean by networking and infrastructure? Can you provide some examples of businesses/companies that would interest you? I'm thinking Macquarie Telecom might be one?

Kevin Dam answered a question

What questions should every CEO ask his CMO about social media?

Hi Cassidy, The CEO should have the big vision on top as to where s/he wants the company to go. Only then will the questions be relevant because the answers should feed back into your decision making process. Eg. If you want to tackle the consumer...

Kevin Dam answered a question

How to grow a more diversified and balanced community website?

Hi Scott, You should know the answer to this! It's pretty much how you started OzBargains! There are definitely people out there who want cheap stuff and a bargain, much like you 6 years ago, and I'm sure they can be found on the internet...

Kevin Dam answered a question

How do you build a repeatable business model?

Hi Shane, Engaging users is one of the tricky parts of business, especially in an online world. Since it is much easier for businesses to start up due to lower overheads, competition is rife! My suggestion to you is to build a brand that employs...

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Kevin Dam

Kevin Dam Digital Marketing Strategist Top 20% Online Business


Candice Meisels PR

Candice Meisels PR has been helping Australian start ups and SME's for 5 years. Candice has achieved millions of dollars of coverage for her clients across TV, Online, Radio and Print media outlets. She has worked with clients across the length and breadth of Australia including Western...


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