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Affinity Insurance Services Pty Ltd

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Affinity Insurance Services Pty Ltd is a family owned business with an office on the Central Coast of NSW and in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Affinity Insurance has a team of 7 Qualified and Experienced Insurance Brokers providing Business Insurance advice to customers right across Australia in a variety of Industries.

Affinity Insurance provide business insurance solutions to a wide rage of industries including Cafes and Restaurants, Professional Services, Medical & Allied Health Services, Retailers, Truck and Transport Operators, Pubs and Clubs, and IT professionals. Out clients are all different sizes; from start up home based businesses through to franchise operators with multiple store locations nationwide.


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What are your customers` most frequently asked questions?

*Which insurer do you work for? * We are insurance brokers, we work for you as your agent, not the insurer. We are not employees or sales reps for any the insurance companies shown in our quote. *I already have a quote from one of the insurers you have quoted with; why is your quote so different to what I received direct?* We are Corporate Authorised Representatives of Oracle Group (Australia), which is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, the Steadfast Group. We leverage Steadfast’s scale to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of insurance companies, a broad range of products, exclusive policy options, and of course, competitive pricing. And when the time comes and you need to make a claim, you will have the backing of Steadfast behind you. What this means for you is that we are able to source insurance policies that you cannot get directly with some insurers. Through the combined buying power of all Steadfast members, we can access policies which may have better cover and in many cases, cheaper cover, than if you went direct to that insurer. There is also a chance that the cover we have quoted may be different to what they have quoted. If you want to, you can send it to us and we can show you where the differences are.

What are the most popular brands that you carry?

We work some very well known insurance companies like: Allianz, CGU , QBE, Vero, Zurich, TIO, Chubb, Lloyds of London, NTI Insurance, AIG and Hollard Insurance. We also work with a wide range of Underwriting Agencies who provide Niche insurance policies to various industries. GT Insurance, Mecon Insurance, 360 Underwriting, SURA, Miramar, Longitude Insurance, Strata Community Insurance, CHU, Axis Underwriting, Lion Underwriting, Genesis Underwriting and loads more.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We have a the standard payment methods available to our clients, facilitated by the DEFT Payment systems including Credit Card, Bpay, and Australia Post Payments. We also have very flexible payment plans available for monthly, quarterly, half yearly or even fortnightly payments on your insurance premiums. We can bundle your insurances so that you have only one debit each month for your Business, Motor, and Liability Insurances. We can also assist with Monthly payment plans for Workers Compensation Adjustments.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

We have specialists who can provide support to all levels of business, regardless of whether you are a start up based at home, you work at various markets as a stallholder, operate a small business with a shop or office, or you have a franchise with multiple stores nationally. We are able to provide tailored solutions so that your business gets the cover you need without over complicating it.

How do you normally charge for your services?

The total premium quoted in our quote will always include any broker fee or commissions; there is no extra cost to use a broker. In fact, in many cases, we can obtain better policies at cheaper rates on some policies due to our group being part of Steadfast Group when compared to the standard direct policies if similar cover was taken. *But aren’t brokers paid commission from the insurer, and if so, why is there a broker fee?* It is important to view the commission as part of the distribution costs the insurer will face. If the policy is purchased through the insurers office directly, they have to pay wages, rent, and general overheads to have that office. When purchasing through an Agent of the Insurer, similar commission structures apply which are paid to the Agent. Buying direct from an insurer or their agent is not necessarily going to mean a cheaper price as their direct premiums will often include a similar margin for their own costs when compared to commissions offered to brokers. Commissions however do vary. They are not a fixed amount or percentage. They can range from 0% (sometimes called net rated policies) and up to 30% of the base premium. Different products from the same insurer will have different commission percentages and the percentage amount will often vary between insurers. Finally, most brokers also have a break even margin that they take into account when setting their price, that is, a minimum amount they need to charge you for their time.

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