Aide de MD

Aide de MD

Consulting and strategy

20 Hope Avenue, North Manly, NSW 2100

ABN 32112538431
EST 2007


Our role is to be your external advisor, collaborator, sounding board and peer. With our experience and objectivity, we work with you to realise your business goals. We discuss, review, and challenge your business plan together, and develop a strategy to make your business stronger and more independent.

Business planning requires time, effort, and a different perspective. Many organisations struggle to find time to work ON the business as the team is focussed in delivery mode. Our framework creates room for accountability and development opportunities, allowing you to carefully and strategically choose the next step for you and your team. This may include expanding, selling, diversifying, or taking a sabbatical. Or it might be as simple as improving your accountability structure so that you have increased autonomy and profitability.