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Aktiv Digital provide integrated marketing support for organisations of all sizes, including branding and corporate identity, web development, social media marekting, SEM, SEO, and signage manufacture/installation.


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Questions & Answers

Philip Brookes answered a question

When can you see result of organic traffic from SEO on a site?

Hi anonymous,To stick directly to the point you've queried - if you're doing the right things, you can often see *some* marginal improvement within a week or two. Use Google's Search Console (previously called Webmaster Tools) to check how...

Philip Brookes answered a question

How do I increase sales on my online fashion business?

Hi Blaise, there are so many things we could talk about here that I could go on for weeks - and, in fact, do with my clients :) But let me start by focusing on the conversion rate - are you getting customers to your site and they're not converting...

Philip Brookes answered a question

How to take a product to Asia

Hi Justin, I'm afraid that it's pretty hard to answer without knowing a little bit more about the product. You say it "is being used by major metropolitan cities (B2B)" - does this mean literally that the municipal authorities use the product? Or do...

Philip Brookes answered a question

What is your favorite social media hack?

Wow, hard to pick just one social media hack. But if we're looking for something that isn't widely known, how about MailChimp's Social Profiles feature?If you're on any MailChimp paid plan, you can add the Social Profiles feature and MailChimp...

Philip Brookes answered a question

What's the legal implication in using Google Images in flyer advertising?

Images found via a Google search or any other method are all subject to the same copyright laws. Some people will distribute their images with a Creative Commons license, of specific usage rights. If it's clear that their license terms permit you to...

Philip Brookes answered a question

Is accounting software such as MYOB, Xero or Saasu an overkill?

Personally, I believe that great accounting software is worth it's weight in gold. Unless you have almost no revenue, the peace of mind and management insights it provides (not to mention legal compliance) is worth it's weight in gold. I love Xero...

Philip Brookes answered a question

Has social media marketing really worked for anyone on here?

Hi Jeanette,Thanks for the great question.As someone who has an interest in a publishing business (including digital/online publishing) I can share with you our experiences since I got involved and started shifting the business from print to a...

Philip Brookes answered a question

Has digital marketing taken over traditional marketing?

That's a far more complicated question than it sounds - mainly because it requires us to define "traditional marketing". I know that sounds picky, because we all know that "traditional marketing" is everything except digital marketing. But from my...

Philip Brookes answered a question

What do you love/not-love about your laptop... have you seen any awesome pre-fin-year sales on these laptops?

I use a 13" MacBook Air and I *love* it's battery life, light weight, and robust construction. I travel a lot, and when a carry-on bag is limited to 7kg every gram counts. When I'm at my desk, I have it hooked up to a 24" external screen, position...

Philip Brookes answered a question

Where do I start looking to obtain my web address?

Personally, it's been our experience that the *management* of your domain is frequently the biggest concern, not the basic registration. Many companies can offer domain registration, and while the domain is just parked there you don't experience any...

Philip Brookes answered a question

How do I do business in the Philippines?

Hi Harry, I live the majority of the year in Philippines (my partner is Filipino and my son is half-Filipino), and we conduct business with Australian clients from offices in both Australia and Philippines. Given the way that we work and what we...

Philip Brookes answered a question

How to know what's slowing down a Wordpress website?

I start with three key tools that help me isolate the cause of the slow activity:1. Google Pagespeed Test2. webpagetest.org3. P3 Plugin Performance ProfilerThe first two run tests on your site and show you how long each element of your site is...

Philip Brookes answered a question

Which social media channels are most effective for my business?

The key with any form of marketing is to go to where your customers are. Depending on your industry, I may be able to provide some insights as to where that is. But it's safe to say that there's wide variety.For example, Twitter is extremely well...

Philip Brookes answered a question

How much do you spend on social media marketing?

When you look at the question of how much you 'spend' on Social Media Marketing, you need to take into consideration direct advertising fees charged by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the cost of your own time or agency/consultant fees...

Philip Brookes answered a question

VoIP phone systems vs mobile and landline alternatives?

We couldn't survive without our VoIP system, and can't imagine a situation in which we would consider reverting to landlines. Because we travel a lot, it's really convenient to setup 'temporary office' at a location and plug the phone into the...

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