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Enroll in an apprenticeship at All Trades Queensland and get the opportunity to work with one of our 9000 host employers, earning real world experience and knowledge.

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The thing I’m not fine with is that you guys just rating 1 star because you didn’t get a job. Let me assure you that All Trades Qld is committed to help young people gain quality training and employment. Only top candidates and top students are considered for positions they are suitable for to ensure high quality outcomes. Now stop blaming others and improve yourself to excel in next apprenticeship interview. Good luck!

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Uhhh was bad I think but that curly haired boii was pre cute 😍

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Ok where to start. I cannot believe that with all of today’s technology, they still have a paper system for doing time sheets. The apprentice has to fill out the time sheet and hand it to the host employer for them to sign off and approve and than “fax” to all trades all by 12pm every Tuesday. Too many times, my sons pay never went into his account on Friday morning due to having to rely on host employers, who were either too busy or forgot, and it’s the poor apprentice who suffers. All they are interested in is numbers, your field officer gets bonuses for putting on so many apprentices per month and that is for a new start only. So they are all keen to get you signed up, once you’re in, they ignore your phone calls, they don’t return phone calls and this is mostly regarding pays. They one thing you need most. They need to have an online system where all trades, apprentice and host can see apprentice time sheets. They could also have reminders sent to apprentice and host about time sheets. That way in the event a host ignores reminders to approve time sheets, all trades can have a clause to the host that if they don’t sign off, they will pay what the apprentice has entered and will be billed according. It’s all so easy to not pay the apprentice instead of over charging the host. I got my son out of there as quick as I could! Hang your heads in shame all trades!

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Disgusting if I could give a negative I would. I did my apprenticeship through All trades and that was fine but when I came close to finishing and I asked if they could help me find a job I was told no problem instead they dodged my phone calls and ignored my texts/emails and to this day almost 3 months since leaving I have not heard anything back.

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It's been 6 months and I am still currently in the "Talent pool", I'm beginning to think that said talent pool is basically a lie they tell to gently let people know they aren't fit for what trade they are seeking, I've done 2 interviews where they had said you'll be guaranteed in a trade within a fortnight. 6 months later and I am still waiting.

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