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The apprenticeship was advertised on Seek as available, my son goes through the process(just over a week from position advertised) which is not a bad turn around time. They call him up to come for an interview for the advertised position, he gets to the interview only to be told that they currently do not have any vacancies but they would like to refer him to a Cert 1 introduction course (5 weeks of him not in the workforce) and they would recommend he do this although they could not guarantee him a position even if he did the Cert 1.(covering their own backsides). He was advised the consultant would be in touch within the week. They ring back and start talking about the Cert 1 no mention of the Apprenticeship, when he said he did not wish to complete the Cert 1 as he's had a look at the modules and what was covered and has already covered the majority of this in his secondary studies so does not see it as being beneficial - they advised his application would have to be declined..Surprise Surprise.. This is just a long shot, but maybe the company should actually advertise for the position they are trying to fill. All things point to this being for the Cert 1 and not for an apprenticeship, stop sucking young people in just so the company can get "bums on seats" and their little percentage for referring candidates to training. Actually spend the time trying to source the positions that you're advertising you have.

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Kyle Cleary

It's been 6 months and I am still currently in the "Talent pool", I'm beginning to think that said talent pool is basically a lie they tell to gently let people know they aren't fit for what trade they are seeking, I've done 2 interviews where they had said you'll be guaranteed in a trade within a fortnight. 6 months later and I am still waiting.

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Ok where to start. I cannot believe that with all of today’s technology, they still have a paper system for doing time sheets. The apprentice has to fill out the time sheet and hand it to the host employer for them to sign off and approve and than “fax” to all trades all by 12pm every Tuesday. Too many times, my sons pay never went into his account on Friday morning due to having to rely on host employers, who were either too busy or forgot, and it’s the poor apprentice who suffers. All they are interested in is numbers, your field officer gets bonuses for putting on so many apprentices per month and that is for a new start only. So they are all keen to get you signed up, once you’re in, they ignore your phone calls, they don’t return phone calls and this is mostly regarding pays. They one thing you need most. They need to have an online system where all trades, apprentice and host can see apprentice time sheets. They could also have reminders sent to apprentice and host about time sheets. That way in the event a host ignores reminders to approve time sheets, all trades can have a clause to the host that if they don’t sign off, they will pay what the apprentice has entered and will be billed according. It’s all so easy to not pay the apprentice instead of over charging the host. I got my son out of there as quick as I could! Hang your heads in shame all trades!

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Peach Me

I would not recommend All Trades Queensland to anyone who wants to do an Apprenticeship. While I was with them, I went through about a dozen different businesses within a 2 month period, from cabinet makers, to carpenters, to demolition, to even cleaning jobs, and during my time with them I learned nothing at all about my chosen trade (shop fitting). It felt like I was being hired by these businesses to just help them with one job, then when that job was done I was simply asked to leave and then All Trades just sent me on to the next business that needed that extra hand. When I tried to contact All Trades about trying to find a more permanent position, I was asked to come into their office at Shailer Park and if I would like to change my chosen trade because there wasn't enough work for me. I suggested plumbing or being an electrician and All Trades then asked my to write a declaration and sign at date it stating that I would no longer be a shop fitter anymore. I thought it was a bit strange, but I wrote it anyway. Once I was done, a staff member told me they would be in touch very soon. Yet I heard nothing back for them, I waited about a week then tried to call their office and they kept saying they'd get back to me, but never did. I wrote emails, tried to call every day to get any sort of contact, yet it just felt as if I had been black listed and there was nothing I could do. I later realised that this declaration they asked me to sign, had just lost me my job and I had been given false information to sign this form. All Trades Queensland seem like a good business on the surface, but they really aren't interested in helping you find and keep an apprenticeship. All they want is the $9 an hour labor, and if you question your position they will throw you out and just put in the next willing worker in your place.

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connor broome

The staff have no care. Have not been paid a few times. Having to fight to get paid. Call up and all i get is sorry i forgot to put your time sheet through. People do have bills



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