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Alpha Pools is a well known pool maintenance service provider company in Australia. We specialise in the construction of all type in-ground and above ground swimming. We also can cater for all existing pools. We supply chemicals and equipment and offer pool maintenance and repairs.


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M Tariq Birader.

Always helpful and very genuine people.

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Dale Somerton

Alpha Pools built my pool over 5 years ago. They have been very professional since the installation. This summer for the first time i have been having trouble keeping my pool from going green after all these storms. However after some friendly service and advice from the staff we are able to enjoy our crystal clear pool again.

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Dan haberfield

Good pool shop, good advice

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Maryjane White

Excellent service and advice by Alphas. Our pool was was awful, green, you could not see the bottom and children were not happy!!! We took in a water sample to Alpha Pools and followed their instructions and within 24 hrs kids were swimming. Thanks Alphas :-)

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Where do I start, just take their advice with a grain of salt... literally. We came in just wanting a test only to be told our salt levels are way too low for our pool (which is a lie now realising after). Now adding more salt to the pool we must drain the pool due to their ignorance and mistakes as they are unsure on how they got their numbers wrong. Very unprofessional and did not bother compensating for their ignorance. Only realising after that they count their salt in 20kg chunks but did it in 25kg in our testing resulting in us buying useless products for the pool. I would avoid this pool shop at all costs as they simply just want to take your money and find excuses on their mistakes to ensure you go away and never come back so they don't make another screw up.



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