Angel Falls Grill

Angel Falls Grill

Food and beverage

Shop 16 Shafto Lane, 872 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000

ABN 13705823483
EST 2016


Angel Falls Grill serves a large range of delicious and exotic Venezuelan cuisine. The owners Sergio and Gilda started their business with their amazing food stall at markets selling arepas and cachapas. You’ll find some of the best smoked, grilled and juicy steaks in Perth, alongside our signature chorizo, unique sauces and typical Venezuelan corn products and sides. The dishes we bring to your table at our Venezuelan restaurant are all based on old family recipes using corn as a base, so they are naturally gluten free. We apply the best traditional Venezuelan cooking techniques and only use the finest ingredients. Whether you’re already a lover of South American food, or you’ve never experienced all the delectable flavours this cuisine has to offer, our friendly team will ensure you’re satisfied. To find out more about us, please visit us at


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