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The Australian Dentists Clinic are exceptional dental clinics located throughout Australia. All of our dental clinics adhere to a very high level of standards, which include outstanding patient care, modern and hygienic practises using the latest dental treatments. Each dentist employed by Australian Dentists Clinic offers a complete range of dental services. Ranging from basic and preventive care, the latest and in cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures along with family dental care for


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Miriam Mindt

Both doctor and nurse as well as reception staff were warm, welcoming, efficient and competent at their jobs. They explained everything in a positive way and made me feel more confident about oral hygiene and dentist visits, which means something coming from someone who's had a fear of dentists for the majority of her life. Highly recommended.

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Leon Abrien

Very disappointed by the reception people, in terms of how they communicate with the existing and new clients - their tone often comes short of insulting if you dare express any dissatisfaction with the way they've handled some things, but I must say I am quite happy with the doctors and hygienists themselves. I suppose the owners could do with better client approach if they intend to maintain the current business health (pun unintended).

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Sora Se

I am very happy with the dental care received here but last time I inquired for an appointment (and I never confirmed one!) they booked me one without my knowledge and then I received a letter that I missed my appointment. I called to tell them about the misunderstanding but at no point they acknowledged their mistake. The receptionist also raised her voice on the phone and told me that if I'm not happy with them, I can always choose another place. Overall, a really bitter experience that could have been avoided so easily with a kinder approach.

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Cressida Brown

Really prompt, and lots of care taken by dentist Mr Ho. Extremely happy with my experience here so far.

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John Rowley

Terrible place. Over priced treatment, rude and aggressive staff. The text you frequently trying to trick you into having more frequent dental hygeine appointments and check ups than necessary. Avoid.



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