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The Australian Injury Helpline are an independent organisation, assisting those who have been injured in Australia. The Australian Injury Helpline provides a free service offering free information, claim forms and arrangement of free legal advice by personal injury lawyers regarding work injury compensation, car accident compensation. The Australian Injury Helpline also offer a free referral service to local no win no fee lawyers.


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Kelly O'Connor

I have received more than 8 calls. Just ask them for their name and number. That gets them off the phone pretty quick! But it is super annoying seeing as I am on the do-not-call register

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Maxine M

A complete scam. They called us using a mobile phone number claiming an insurance company passed on our details to them regarding a car accident we supposedly had last year.

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Organisation is probably a scam. People calling with digitalised voice and pretending they are calling you over a car accident. Insurance companies deal with this side of things. That's what you pay them for. Not third parties so that's why you can tell it's a scam agency.

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Jill Harris

I have asked numerous times not to be called. The first few times i was polite and asked them to contact my Lawyer. This time i said quite firmly, call my lawyer and stop calling me and i was told to calm down and have a drink of water so i hung up and blocked another one of their numbers. It's horrible when you're disabled from a car accident and being constantlt harassed by these scammers!

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Colin McKay

Ring via internet following up on a car accident which has never occurred. These people should be banned from operating. Can't understand them. Just a bloody SCAM!!



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