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AIS’ is one of Australia’s most innovative companies. It has looked to the past to reinvent the future. AIS’ advanced technology means its chlorine generators produce chlorine using the minerals and salts already present in the water via the process of electrolysis - a tried and tested technology that has been in use for over 180 years.

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Tony Matarazzo

Just had my chlorinator repaired under warranty last Friday. The technician went over and beyond in customer service. Couldn't be happier and will be recommending AIS to my customers as well. Thank you One happy customer !

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Shane Talbot

If customer service is the name of the game, then AIS needs much improvement. Just had a very unhappy customer experience trying to get a Pool Chlorinator repaired under warranty. The 3 year warranty does not expire until 2/17. The timer stopped working so the unit has been returned to AIS for repair. I am now told the warranty does not cover Ant damage. Like 99% of all installed Pool Chlorinators, mine is under cover in the back yard near the pool, well protected from the elements. However name me a backyard in Australia which doesn't have Ants. If Ant infestation is a recognised problem then the unit should have been sealed at Manufacture. Page 10 of my Warranty booklet does not make any mention of Infestation however it appears an subsequent On-Line version does. I suspect that issued after I had purchased my item and after a few had been returned for the same malfunction. No mention of Ant infestation was made at purchase, by AIS nor the Retailer. The quote to repair the unit is $415.The purchase price in 2/14 was $1402. Despite my best efforts to be heard and/or my argument recognised, AIS was not prepared to negotiate a better outcome. Take it or leave it approach. AIS has walked away from their warranty. I spoke to the Technition and his supervisor. No one else from the Company Management ranks was available to speak to me. I was offerred a 2 week wait if I wanted to speak to anyone higher up in AIS. I have arranged to have the Unit returned unrepaired. Be very wary of buying anything from AIS if this is an example of this company's customer service standards, particularly with regards to honouring Warranty obligations. Shane

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