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Australian Institute of Accreditation PTY LTD

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Australian Institute of Accreditation(AIA)'s specialty is using our extensive knowledge about how people learn to deliver high quality online Food Safety courses.

We are dedicated to providing innovative, effective and compliant Vocational Education and Learning solutions for individuals through to large corporate organizations right across Australia. Our team has worked in the Education sector for the past 19 years and has been recognised for leading business practice and outstanding systems design. We are proud to be able to access the talents of a diverse team of technical and educational experts that can help people realise their potential.


  • Educational Consultants
  • Food Safety Auditors

Current Offers

food and safety certificate
Educational Consultants

food and safety certificate  

Our Food Handling Certificate (Level 1) course is a fully accredited and is an excellent entry level course for those people starting off in the food industry.  

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