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Australian Transcription Services

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Affordable and Accurate Australian transcription Services for $0.99 Per Minute Copywriting and even the rather mundane work of Australian transcription can be daunting and tedious at times, especially when there is a load of documents to deal with. Which is why people usually hire transcription services to perform these jobs for them. We offer high quality and accurate Australian transcription services.

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Edwin Swope

Edwin Swope Executive

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The most efficient consulate/embassy I've ever experienced. My visa was granted on the same day and my passport was delivered within 3 business days. I only had to answer all questions clearly. The officers didn't even check the documents I've prepared such as booked flight tickets and accommodation, however, I do think it's better to be prepared. Everyone was very friendly there, from the security staff to the officers who processed my application. The only thing that takes a bit long is the waiting time to get the interview date especially during busy period, so I'd recommend to book your interview well in advance.

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Really horrible and you won’t get any respect there unless you’re an American citizen because by the looks of it they can cut the line and get treated a lot better. You’re in Australia mate and the staff there needs to be more respectful. Had gone in for a tourist visa but was somehow denied, given a generic yellow paper. I had asked for a more detailed explanation as to why he came to that decision and he just repeatedly said “I can’t give you any more information the reason is on the paper” so I asked “can you explain it to me then?” He started stuttering and just said “w..w..well what is it that you want to know? Do you have any questions” I said “well what does this paper exactly mean? Explain this whole paragraph to me” Then he said I apparently under the act of whatnot I didn’t demonstrate a strong tie to Australia. What?! That’s the most ridiculous thing, I’ve been living here in Australia since 1999 mate. Went to primary school, high school, TAFE and even work a full time job as an educator. I have a Medicare, a bank account, a drivers licence. That was an utter ridiculous reason to deny my visa. Such rubbish. He then just shrugged me off and said can’t help you today and you’re done for today. Don’t waste your time here or you hope for the best you won’t get that same guy because he looked like he hated his job. He was a normal to slim build, brown hair with a beard and an American accent. He barely even asked any questions at all and had only gotten 3 word answers from me, he didn’t ask for any further information. He already made a decision before we even started the interview. It’s either racism or discrimination! Please review your staff.

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I have always found the Sydney US Consulate to be extremely efficient in their processing of my visa! They provide information in a very comprehensive manner, and I've noticed they have more recently established an automatic email system to send out a reminder about the appointment time and a list of everything needed for it! (I assume this was in response to ppl turning up for their appointment w/ certain documents not signed or not present; that will definitely help expedite everything because then you are certain you have all the necessary documents). When I needed an emergency expedited appointment they were very understanding and helpful in explaining the procedure required. I have always received my completed passport in a very timely manner, within a week! And they even have the online tracking system so you're aware of whether your passport is out for delivery. The interview itself was very straightforward and concise, and they are always on time so there is really minimal waiting. Thank you for making the final part of my visa processing essentially hassle-free!

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I read some of the reviews here and I was feeling a bit scared but my experience was quite pleasant. The staff were friendly and professional. It's a good idea to take a physical book with you so you wont get bored while you're waiting in the long interview queue (they dont let you to take your phone with you). They have little storage space for your phone and other small things but they dont have space for a laptop so make sure you dont take a laptop with you.

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Everything went very quick and smoothly. I had booked a 9:30 appointment to renew my passport, and showed up early just in case. They were all very polite and answered all of my questions; and I was able to get everything done within about 30 minutes. I'd recommend taking a look at their "Tips for a Smoother Visit" page and booking early appointments if you're planning on going there. And they accept cash, credit card, and checks; which makes it very convenient as well.

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