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BDS AUTOCARE, Automotive Repairs we pride our selves' on our ability to save our customers on those big bills you tend to receive by going straight to the dealerships. We don't have all the overheads they do, so we can pass our savings onto the customer as well as keeping your new car warranty. We guarantee that when you choose to service or repair your vehicle at BDS AUTOCARE you won't be disappointed.


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Aulakh N

Best place for car service. Excellent service . dave was very straight forward and helped me saving a lot. will recommend this place for sure.

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Ran a Nabeek Ahmad

Quality work. Great staff. Had a major service done from bds for my Maserati. Prices were reasonable and comparison to dealerships and the last but not least thing offered me chilled mineral water 😊

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petty dougllas

Highly professional and excellent service in reasonable price , i would like to recommend this workshop to everyone

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pannamss T

This is gonna be a long review. At first, I didn't want to post it but I thought that people should get an unbiased opinion since these 100 something reviews are somewhat deceiving. 2 stars for the lesson I learned from the encounter with them. So a few months back, there was issue with starting my car (BMW) so we took it to our trusted mechanic in Newport to get it fixed since to be fair he looked after us for so long and with our other car too (which never had issues). BUT, they couldn't find a solution and suggested that we take it to an auto-electrician since it's a European car, which we did but to one by the name of BDS Aurocare (one in Hoppers Crossing). First of all, I personally would check out the reviews online before employing the service of an establishment in which this BDS Autocare happened to have quite a few up and the ratings were decent (better than others in the area). So as you do, I took it there. First impression: the office looked a bit run down and the 'mechanic' who was responsible looked barely out of high-school (pretty sure his name was Mark) but hey never judge a book by its cover. Also, dude who was checking me in asked how I found out about them and I said through google which he immediately replied that the low-rating reviews are pretty much a bucket of poo (not in these exact words of course) and proceeded to tell me not to pay attention to them. I thought it was weird that he became so defensive all of a sudden but at the time, I just wanted the car fixed and after so many tries of finding a mechanic with access to an auto-electrician, I dismissed the hunch and went a head to leave my car in his care. BUT you guessed it! It all went downhill from then, they not only DIDN'T fix the car but made it worse: 1. pretty sure they broke my key which they claimed that it was not working when they receive it from me. 2. caused active steering wheel (which costed me heaps to fix) 3. Empty out 1/2 of my full tank in the duration the car was left with them 4. I had to call up multiple times to check the progress although they kept promising to call back (which they didn't) 5. Remember the kid mechanic? Apparently he was taking over the garage at the time 'cuz his head mechanic dad was gonna leave for a trip. The poor kid looked/sounded so flustered at the times I saw him also on the phone the few times he answered the calls. But the dad (dude who was checking me in) insisted that "Although, Mark is young but he's very capable" which I thought oh cool. At the end, after so many unanswered phone calls and sleepless nights, i finally decided to take the car back UNFIXED with ADDED issues since it looked like nothing was being done anyway. Told them about the active steering wheel problem and they offered to take a look to which I thought 'oh hell nah, better leave now before more things get broken'. So yes, that happened and it costed me about $1,800-ish to fix (not at BDS Auto Care obviously) the starting issue, the active steering wheel and few more. Moral of the story: Don't trust the reviews too much (still don't understand to this day how this place has gotten so many good reviews, I suspected that they could be from the same few people with different accounts...).

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Hi everyone, I recommend you to go there for Roadworthy or any repairs in best price, I took my bmw car last week there for roadworthy, I really appreciate you guys are qualified, honest and efficient with good customer service, even thanks for your sincere advise at least this place think about our Safety according to vic roads regulations in humble and excellent manner.



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