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Bells and Whistles apply their four decades of creative marketing and media knowhow to more clearly defining your focus and establishing a differentiated business strategy that will give you a competitive business advantage, a higher-profile reputation, and an improved ability to attract and win the clients you really want, both BtoB and BtoC.




Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh
Co-founder at SavvySME

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Hi have just started a removalist business things have started out well but want to try get the company name out there what's the best way.

Asked by Jake O'Keefe
Category: Advertising

I am starting a mobile self-storage business model and don't have a budget for advertising,

I have done SEO.

I have a Facebook page set up

Joined community groups

Posted an ad on a platform like gumtree.

I have also done a few letterbox drops around my area.

My question is, what else can I do to get clients to use my service?

Asked by Jamie Ryan

I have an animal hospital and i want to increase my business or audience.

Asked by Simon Lemin
Category: Market research


How much would be the budget to advertise our web-platform the site is marketplace where people can find required service contractors and prod suppliers to theirs make home better Can u give 3 scenarios min, aver, max and what kind of audience we can reach with ur approach & strategy I would appreciate your helpCheers, Denisc, CEO+64212355050

Asked by Denis Homez
Category: Advertising



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