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Bells and Whistles apply their four decades of creative marketing and media knowhow to more clearly defining your focus and establishing a differentiated business strategy that will give you a competitive business advantage, a higher-profile reputation, and an improved ability to attract and win the clients you really want, both BtoB and BtoC.

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Plagarisim in Journalism | Unmasked as a fraud – All too easy!

Plagarisim in Journalism | Unmasked as a fraud – All too easy!

Some naive individuals forget that a person researching business information and insights on-line... read more


John Eustace answered a question

How to use pricing strategies in your marketing?

A pricing strategy that I liked a lot was encountered when I was invited to the “Wall Street” bar in Kuala Lumpur. Wall Street is a bar in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's business district. Its drinks prices fluctuate every few...

John Eustace answered a question

What's the difference between a copywriter and an SEO copywriter?

The differences between a Copywriter & an SEO CopywriterWhilst essential wordsmith skills are shared by both and many practitioners cross-over between the two publication mediums, there are a number of individual disciplines that business owners...

John Eustace answered a question

How to get my name out there?

Jake, I wish I had adollar for every time I have been asked this question! There are literally tens of thousands of options that could “get your name out there,” however as a new market entrant your first priority is to develop a profile within your...

John Eustace answered a question

What else can I do to get clients to use my service?

With any new self-storage business you have to have researched and positioned your mobile service differently to the existing competition. How have you achieved that initial step, what comparative advantage are you offering?It is almost impossible...

John Eustace answered a question

How did your brand and identity survive 2012-2013?

To further qualify your question Miky, 4 to 5 years after the event what difference douse a retrospective on a brand identity's survival make?

John Eustace answered a question

How much would be our budget to advertise our webplatform?

Some sound advice here already Denis. The “How much” question you ask is being applied to an expense item ‘advertising, when it can only have any context when you first apply it to the revenue side or your business model. ‘How much’ will your...

John Eustace answered a question

How to use Social Selling for an arts and crafts business?

Social Selling has two quite different interpretations depending on who you are connected to, one can even be independent of any technology platforms. So best to define and scope your objective as Malissa suggests. Then when you have your arts and...

John Eustace answered a question

What are the best ways to market for a community-based cafe?

Well Maggie that all depends on how you define a community-based cafe. What is it that makes the cafe in some way different, special of relevant to said community? Does it have any specialities specific to the community it intends to serve? Is it...

John Eustace answered a question

How can I get to know more about my audience?

It is easy to suggest generalities, however what has proven popular on social media has little bearing on fiscal reality and your practice’s commercial aspirations. You will find that there is a great deal of emphasis placed on technology and rather...

John Eustace answered a question

How much should I spend on Marketing?

There is a school of thought that suggests 10% of gross (projected) for a start up reducing to around 6% of actual after you have reached critical mass (say by year 3). However, I have also seen sound business cases based on double these amounts, so...

John Eustace answered a question

Do I have to register my websites name?

If you own a URL you already have IP protection by default. There is no need to register it anywhere. The only web domain safeguards I recommend are to also register easily misspelt variations of your site's name plus additional extensions like "dot...

John Eustace answered a question

What is the lean methodology?

Hi Anonymous, There is a lot to implementing Lean management and operational practice into any business and the actual activities and actions are very business specific. There is a lot published on the topic ( I have authored a lot of generic...

John Eustace answered a question

For my personal website content should I write in 1st person or 3rd person?

Always in the 1st person when it is a personal site and profile. Jef is correct.

John Eustace answered a question

How do I market for Valentines Day?

Whilst you remain anonymous it is impractical to deliver meaningfulanswers to your question. Respondents have no idea whether you are a florist, an up-market restaurant or supply industrial lubricants to the mining industry. Not all businesses are...

John Eustace answered a question

What steps do I have to take to dismiss an employee?

Your employee may make an unlawful termination application to the Commission if they believe that the termination was in contravention of section 772(1) of the Australian Fair Work Act. Non-national system employees may be eligible to make an...

John Eustace answered a question

How do I increase turnover?

There are countless ways to increase your turnover, however, turnover can never be relied upon to pay your bills. Profit is what is required for that.So ask another quextion about how to generate more profit and be spacific about what you are doing...

John Eustace answered a question

What are the most effective PR strategies today?

The role of Public Relations (PR) is to establish and maintain relationships with an organization's target audience, the media, government and other opinion leaders. PR’s common responsibilities include designing communications campaigns, working...

John Eustace answered a question

Is digital marketing taking over traditional marketing?

This is another of those old chestnut questions that pre-supposes that there is some genuine delineation between digital and traditional. As if Digital is something just discovered and considered separate from other marketing activities and...

John Eustace answered a question

How do you research international markets?

The answer to how you research international markets dependssolely on what it is that you want to discover. Are you interested in consumer trends, local legislation, trade incentives, licensing or distribution options, cultural preferences? There...

John Eustace answered a question

How To Attract Young Marketing Talent For A Small Business?

I am fascinated to know what is behind your desire to attract young marketing talent to a small organisation. As experience, capability and talent are not always associated with ‘young,’ also the age of your potential marketing employee may not...

John Eustace answered a question

Do I need a business plan?

Do you need a business plan! If you needed to ask this question, than maybe there is no point Colin. Serendipity or failure are the only other options, it is a no-brainer.

John Eustace answered a question

Where do I get a government grant to start a new business?

Government grants are generally available to companies with an established track record (and sound financials), that need certain types of fiscal assistance not available from traditional lenders (Banks), to achieve something specific and...

John Eustace answered a question

What is the focus of SME social media - the customer or the general public?

"The general public" cannot realistically, commercially of culturally be considered a target market (or as customers).All media (social or otherwise), claiming to be for the general public, is by its very definition far from focused. You can only...

John Eustace answered a question

What social media does my business need?

This has become a very common question, as many business owners are still struggling to come to grips with the role and relevance of social media in their business. To answer this question in isolation would be foolish, as whether or not social...

John Eustace answered a question

Who can do marketing for property services and contract cleaning business?

Familia ground for Bells and Whistles Emma. Can I be of assistance?

John Eustace answered a question

How do you measure marketing success?

It all depends on what your marketing effort was supposed to have achieved Pamela! Did it happen or not?To deploy any meaningful measure you must determine 4 key objectives, what final result are are targeting, how much, by when and on what terms....

John Eustace answered a question

What is branding?

Branding is the application and/of use of logos, symbols, words, sounds, fragrances or product design to promote consumer awareness to either goods and services identity.

John Eustace answered a question

Why would you hire a copywriter?

One of the largest issues is the fact that many (doubtless most) business owners can’t readily see the value of a good copywriter until they have experienced the results that can be achieved. Megan’s first comment was very true, an objective view is...

John Eustace answered a question

Can you recommend good web developers in Sydney?

Whomever you approach Yee, make certain you receive a comprehensive proposal demonstrating that they have a clear understanding of the sites target audience and precisely what you want it to achieve. It must also contain all costs associated with...

John Eustace answered a question

Any recommendations on driving traffic and sales for website?

Your question far too broad to respond constructively Kari. It all depends what you have on your website and who it is for. There are differing techniques for generating traffic, sign-ups and converting sales. Possibly thousands of variations in all...

John Eustace answered a question

Can I use the same ABN to register multiple websites?

You can register as many as you like (or can). Remember to register misspellings too as often people will enter a business search frenetically,

John Eustace answered a question

Has anyone used cinema advertising for their business?

Cinema advertising can be most effective for developing andmaintaining local awareness. If your business is easily accessible to individuals who attend the screen/s you advertise on. Cinema awareness campaigns are essentially a long game and...

John Eustace answered a question

What one way of promoting your business would you choose?

If you were serious about promoting your business you would never ever rely on just one. If you "had to" you would select the SM platform that integrates with your off-line marketing focus and media.

John Eustace answered a question

Can anyone give me some tips with expos?

The Warwick Merry book that Monika has recommended will help set you up very nicely indeed. It covers many of the elements you must get right. Preparation and follow up is essential, resource planning for both is often overlooked or grossly...

John Eustace answered a question

How do I create a social media strategy for my business?

This is an issue I deal with so regularly it is obvious that even the most savvy business owners are simply bewildered by the role and relevance of Facebook in a B2B context.I believe that there are a few businesses that can make some financial...

John Eustace answered a question

How Many People Look At Local Newspapers For Local Events?

Simple test in 2 parts - 1 See if anyone is promoting anything similar (to a like audience) in your local paper.If not ring the editor and suggest that they do a profile editorial on your (unique to the aria) new service,2 If there is anything...

John Eustace answered a question

Do you have marketing rules you constantly remind yourself of?

The key marketing rule I have to remind all my clients of is that nobody actually cares about them or their business. Consumers care even less about the clichéd marketing rhetoric they continuously spout and prospects have no time or interest in...

John Eustace answered a question

Is SEO categorised as part of IT or Marketing?

Marketing (nothing to do with IT)

John Eustace answered a question

What Kind Of Value Can I Give To My Clients In An Email?

Automating e-mail communications is practical and sometimes effective when dealing with a very large customer/prospect base, as it is virtually impossible to utilise any individual traits in your content other than obvious dates etc.Considering the...

John Eustace answered a question

What are some of the best ways to promote a new website?

A question that would benefit from some additionalinformation (in addition to the site’s newness) as it is impossible to respond constructively to such generalisation Michelle. Why do you want to promote it? What douse it contain? Who are likely to...

John Eustace answered a question

What fonts do you find the most professional?

Typography says a lot about you and your business. What fonts are the most or least professional depends solely on the nature of your business and the market you operate within. There is no definitive font but there are many styles that can be...

John Eustace answered a question

Can social media work for B2C lead generation cost effectively?

There is a mountain of hearsay and unqualified anecdotes that support the position that SM is an essential element in all B2C marketing. Let’s see what responses your question generates Mark. I have been seeking genuine evidence to support this...

John Eustace answered a question

Would Social Media Make Profit With Link Building Strategies?

Social Media's influence on SEO is almost negligible as the universal commonality of SM back-links diminish any relevnce they once held. There is just one exception ‘Google+’, for obvious reasons, without a G+ profile page your Google indexing...

John Eustace answered a question

Which email marketing service is the best?

There are so many options, ‘the best’ depends on whether you have a large database to mail to or multiple yet smaller ones as pricing (and freebies) vary usually on this criteria. Most offer very similar services and facilities so define exactly...

John Eustace answered a question

How do I increase my facebook page likes?

This is a vary dangerous mindset Tracey. Facebook "likes" have virtually no correlation to either the success or failure of your tutoring business.Simply stop concerning yourself with such insignificant social media issues that have almost no baring...

John Eustace answered a question

How do you measure the ROI for your Social Media?

It is fascinating that whenever this type of question israised that there individuals who respond with essentially unquantified 3rd party examples or references to expert guides published by social media proponents. Never (yes never) have I had the...

John Eustace answered a question

John Eustace answered a question

Is link building dead, not just for SEO but for traffic as well?

Link building always has and will continue to be a valuable marketing asset for as ling as the fundamentals of the internet remain as is. Whilst link building is among the most poorly understood and aggressively abused SEO techniques it remains...

John Eustace answered a question

Why and IS social media marketing important for all businesses?

For some business types Social Media is definitely questionable, and for others a total wast of precious marketing resources. There are however some business models that do well with social media, so there is no single answer to this question when...

John Eustace answered a question

Do you think there are benefits with working with a business coach?

The very fact that you asked this question Ben makes it's answer glaringly obvious! Find a good one with great credentials (and a little grey hair), make certain you keep away from any franchised perorations that push a coaching formula.

John Eustace answered a question

How feasible is 30-40k a month doing web design and SEO as a new company?

You would need to prove a reliable and persuasive ROI to have someone commit at this high level!

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