Better Body Beauty SanctuarySandringham, VIC 3191

Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

Health and wellbeing

194 Bay Road, Sandringham, VIC 3191

ABN 16344171877
EST 2015


Our treatments and programs are designed to have you looking younger with firmer, softer skin and a beauty that radiates from within. Led by Vicky Jamieson a Holistic Skin & Well-Being Expert Specialising in Natural Anti-Ageing. Vicky offers natural beauty treatments and programs that will make you feel and look great. Services include Oxygen Facials, and 28 day health programs for women. We as a nation focus so much on having a healthy body in terms of diet and exercise. We are a nation obsessed with the latest health food buzz’s and exercise trends. Health requires a holistic approach – and this extends to our skin and what we put on it – or more to my point, what we put in it. We can ‘workout’ our skin, like we do our bodies at the gym. This is where professional treatments come in – peels, oxygen facial treatments, massage etc. They stimulate the cells of the skin and get them strong and healthy and working as they should!

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