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I'm a software and digital support specialist with an interest in automation, based in Melbourne, part of a network of other like-minded and highly skilled engineers, developers, writers, designers and data analysts, that has been built over many years providing web services. We are amoung the top tier in expertise for our respective fields, and when we're not working or enjoying time with our families, we're researching how to become better at our craft.

As a network we can offer excellent value packages for:
- websites that are responsive, mobile first, accessible, and SEO optimized
- graphic design, from logos to full branding
- content including copywriting
- site hosting with an optional pagespeed "fast-or-free" guarantee.
- domain and email management services
- website, SEO and security audits
- moving your services to the cloud
- market and pricing data
- data analysis and business intelligence using Tableau
- Nextcloud integration for private group collaboration

Industry Specialty

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting and Content Marketing


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Questions & Answers

Ameet Virdee answered a question

What are the best options for hosting data files?

For a private cloud option, which does more than just file-sharing, Nextcloud is amazing. The biggest obstacle may be the technical part of setting up and maintaining a server, but there are loads of hosted + pre-installed options out there. If you...

Ameet Virdee answered a question

What's the difference between shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting?

Housing makes a good analogy to explain how these relate to one another:Dedicated Hosting is the full use of a single server, which is like living in a house on its own block. You can use all of the house and gardens, and can decorate them as you...