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An image consultant can be extremely helpful if you're wanting to strengthen your personal branding and succeed in business. The way you look and the clothes you wear speak volumes to prospective customers and engineering this can help you reach your business goals. Briony Croft’s Branded Photography and Production service offers you direction and full support in producing your own unique set of images and video content that represent your brand. We are a wholistic approach to Personal Branding and Image Development. They go hand in hand, and can all be done in-house.


Image Development

Fashion Agents

Image Development  

Our expert Image Consultants aren’t just focused on how you look. They’re invested in your personal and professional growth. You will work collaboratively with us to implement wardrobe strategies that authentically express your personal and professional image.  


Personal branding


Personal branding  

Personal branding is an ongoing process of self-discovery whereby you create and promote a combination of your skills, experience, image and personality to the world. Your image and presentation are key components of your personal brand. What does your image say about you?  



Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

Style is such a dynamic word! I see style as an extension of our identities, showcasing our personality, values and beliefs. Style and Image is just one piece of the Personal Brand puzzle. We are less about fashion and more about knowing how to use clothing to your advantage, as a vehicle for self e

Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Everyone is different, everyone is an individual – what you won’t get from us is a “one size fits all” solution. Having had ten plus years industry experience, I have developed a depth in understanding of personality types, motivations for change, and helping others achieve their individual goals.

What makes your pricing competitive?

You do not have to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks – unless you have the budget to do so of course! The point is, this is a difficult question to answer if we haven’t yet asked you what YOU want to spend. Another important reason we begin with the initial image profile consultation.

What are your customers` most frequently asked questions?

My team need a little direction on what to wear – will the Professional Image Guideline give them the help they need?

Which geographical areas does your business service?

We service all of Melbourne

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11 Otaria Street

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