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Buy Pavers is an amazing supplier of concrete pavers in Melbourne. The company promises to deliver the extra-ordinary brick and paving solutions at best prices. Even we don’t have the stock of product you want to buy we will surely obtain them from somewhere for you. Working with good and reputed suppliers we have created a name to be proud of.


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Jane Rode

If I had a choice I would not have given this company any stars, so I gave them a 1 as we got our money back, but that is where the satisfaction stops with this supplier. I drove all the way to Hopper crossing from out South East, I paid for the bricks up front as well as $120 for delivery, I was told the bricks would be delivered on Friday, what I was not told, was which Friday, we waited till after 7, no brick arrived, I called on Monday, same thing, this went on for 3 weeks, I eventually said, OK, you tell me when it will suite you to deliver to which I was told he was busy, Marvic could not stick to an arrangement if his life depended on it. I even drove out to Hopper Crossing again and was reassured they would be delivered by the end of the week (once again, my mistake, I should have asked which week in which month of which year)I was so disappointed, we tried everything to accommodate him, we just need the bricks, this was customer service in reverse, I do not like to give negative reviews, but this is just one of those where we tried everything to accommodate and was left disappointed in the end

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Alec Carson

Would not recommend this business at all. Paid for $9500.00 for 300 m2 of pavers in late October. Delivery not made until mid February. Big on excuses terrible on customer service. If you do use this supplier I suggest very strongly that you do not pay until delivery.

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Rajesh Reddy

Takes the full amount and never delivers the goods...Does not respond to messages and calls...So frustrated with the way Marvic delas with the customers..Not sure how he does the business this way..Beware of them and never pay the amount untill the goods are delivered

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James Grundy

If you can avoid doing business with this man then do so. From my experience he was a Lazy, arrogant man who will do as little as he possibly can to help anybody.

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No service staffs. Owner doesn't answer phone calls



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