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Buyer agency specialising in find properties for investment or to least. BuyEast is a Sydney Eastern Suburbs buyers Agent.


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Yossi Shuchat

Just sharing my experiences to help others in the same boat! We were looking to buy a home in the Eastern Suburbs for a while with no luck, we then enlisted the services of Mark Cadry & Nicky Cadry of BuyEast Sydney Buyers Agent and they were literally with us every step of the way (even though we changed our brief 20 times throughout). They always had lots of patience, came with us to endless on and off market properties and eventually helped us secure the property we bought with less then an hour left before the vendor was due to exchange, when we decided last minute that we wanted to place an offer. Their services were beyond amazing, all with a smile and always approachable. I would recommend them to anyone looking and really can't say anything negative about their service.

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Elliott Rusanow

Very useful service for any potential buyer to help navigate the acquisition process in a highly efficient and customized way. Amazing service, pure client first approach, always available and very proactive. Highly recommended.

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Jo Austin

Earlier this year as first time home buyers we worked with Mark Cadry and I found the experience very stressful. Initially it was understood there was a pre-sale deal to be done - the reason for hiring him, we were then put under immense pressure to pay the fee immediately (on the basis that someone else had approached Mark for the same property), rushed down to the property that same day to put down cheque and contract only to find agent wasn't there to meet us and had no intention of selling at that time. I was then advised that the property was going to go to auction - so literally hands washed and our money lost. However, that offer was then used to kick of a behind closed door bidding war by the agent and we lost the property - annoyingly right up until the end we were having to deal with the agent ourselves. More recently we worked with a different buyers agent who sat us down to understand our needs before work begun, valued the property we had our eye on based on similar sales nearby, helped us work out our max purchase price and then went away with that number to do the job, resulting in the securing of our new home within days. Not one liaison with the agent was needed. This is how I would have expected the experience to be, and since then they have overseen the legal affairs and been an absolute rock - important for a first home purchase when everything was new. This is not what I experienced with Mark.

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Anna Feldman

We've known Mark and Nicky Cadry at BuyEast at both the professional and personal level for many years, and they always impress us with their integrity and the clever way in which they do pretty much everything. And isn't that what buying property is all about? They have an amazing eye for value and just work so damn hard to get the best results for their customers. They are seasoned property investors and home buyers themselves with an enviable record for picking the right property at the right time. They have an intimate knowledge of the Eastern suburbs property scene and we would recommend them to anyone that is looking to purchase a new home or investment property anywhere in the East. - Anna & Asher Solomon

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Daniel Joseph

I have known Mark & Nicky for well over 10 years. In that time, I have seen them buy, renovate and sell many properties for themselves, as well as advise many happy clients. I sincerely doubt you will find a more committed and knowledgeable team, especially when referencing the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending BuyEast when you consider buying your next property.



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