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Caden Carbon Bike Wheels

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CADEN CARBON BIKE WHEELS SHOP SYDNEY offer free delivery Australia wide & welcome people to come in to demo as well (call 0424 440 443 before so we have time ready for you). The CADEN Bike Shop Sydney hand build carbon road wheelsets for triathletes, crit riders & anyone looking for a top performance wheel at a great price. Aero wheels have come a long way in the past 10 years and finding the best carbon fibre wheel set is a daunting task so call the wheel builder direct to answer any questions

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I’ve had my wheels on now since April 18 and am amazed at the difference they have made to my bike and riding. The bike feels stiffer and more direct through corners, the braking performance is fantastic especially in some of the longer descents. I am extremely happy with my choice after months of research and going for someone local.

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I have used these wheels for about 6 months and can't fault them. They roll beautifully, have stayed true (which is no mean feat as they have a bit of baggage to carry around), the build quality is superb and Ben's customer service was timely, efficient and friendly. Just wish he would make a "Decadence" set for the big guys, then I'd have a set of those for racing, and continue to use the current set for training.

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I have now had my Caden Wheels for just over 2 years, the wheels have been excellent - they perform well and have remained true. Ben has also provided me with the best customer service I have received in Australia by giving me great general advice, free wheel check ups and free pad replacements. I highly recommend buying from Ben.

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I am a recreational/club rider, clock around 200 km/week and do a mixture of hills and flat rides (60/40). I was looking for a wheel upgrade from a pair of DT Swiss alloys that came with my Storck and chose the wider, 45mm depth version (Decadence). I could not be more pleased with the wheels. They feel, fast, stiff and responsive and the hubs are amazing. Regarding strength and durability, I have done around 1500 km with no problems. I have crashed and broke my frame during this period, and the wheels were fine. Ben has a wealth of knowledge about wheels and carbon and was incredibly helpful during the whole process. Highly recommended. Thanks Ben.

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I was after something a bit faster to race on than my stock 30mm Giant wheels. After meeting Ben and doing some research I settled on the 49s in a clincher. They feel lighter and more responsive than my old Zipp 303 tubulars. Build quality is definitely on par or better in some cases than the common big name brands. Would not hesitate to buy again.

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