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CADEN CARBON BIKE WHEELS SHOP SYDNEY offer free delivery Australia wide & welcome people to come in to demo as well (call 0424 440 443 before so we have time ready for you). The CADEN Bike Shop Sydney hand build carbon road wheelsets for triathletes, crit riders & anyone looking for a top performance wheel at a great price. Aero wheels have come a long way in the past 10 years and finding the best carbon fibre wheel set is a daunting task so call the wheel builder direct to answer any questions


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David Cottrell

I spent a lot of time pondering the move to carbon wheels and had a lot of advice not to do it, however my decadence carbon clinchers have transformed my bike. I can’t get over the change in handling and feel of the bike. The wheels are fast, light and run as true as any I’ve used. I might end up selling the bike but I’ll definitely be keeping the wheels. For those concerned about braking I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference. Probably a little slower to come to a complete stop but speed washes off controllably on descents and that’s the most important thing when riding 300+km/ week over as varied terrain as I can find. Ben has done a great job on the design of the brake tracks. Typical of his attention to detail. I love these wheels. If your in the market you can pay a lot more but you won’t get better.

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David Watts

After 2 months of riding on my first set of carbon wheels ever, I cannot tell you how happy I am. I purchased the 49mm decadence wheel set. Speed washes off quickly & the handling is superb. It makes me like my bike even more. Ben was great to deal with & explained all the tech with the wheels.

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Tony Moore

38mm carbon clinchers. Light and stiff. Best braking i have ever experienced in carbon wheels. These wheels are on par or better then any of the big brand wheels i have ridden. Big thumbs up to Ben and his wheels.

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Brad T

As a novice in the area I decided to visit Caden Carbon Wheels based on the online reviews. I thought I would be getting a quality service but I was terribly disappointed. Customer service was lacking and I left waiting whilst "more important" matters where dealt with. I am an overweight individual so maybe I wasn't taken seriously as I didn't have the right "look". They told me prices were reasonable but when I went home to research I couldn't believe the difference in price, I would hate to see their idea of expensive. Shame on you, I hope no other unsuspecting customers fall victim to your poor service and expensive prices.

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Josh Norwood

I have owned a pair of 49mm Caden carbon clinchers for almost 12 months now and they have been fantastic wheels. They roll really well, are light and stiff and for a carbon clincher brake incredibly well. Highly recommend Caden wheels.



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