Campus Lodge

Campus Lodge

Hospitality and tourism

60 Walcott Street, Saint Lucia, QLD 4067

ABN 12375462554
EST 2019


Campus Lodge is a modern, fully furnished apartment complex conveniently located in the heart of UQ. The University of Queensland St Lucia campus is perfect for those students who want to minimise the daily commute to uni, and Campus Lodge is the ultimate in UQ accommodation.

The boutique complex has a total of 16 air-conditioned apartments. There are 8 two bed/one bathroom apartments and 8 four bed/two bathroom apartments.Being in the heart of UQ, Campus Lodge is a convenient 3 minute walk to Chancellor’s Place and the Great Court and all the other facilities at the University of Queensland. You’ll have ready access to the art museum, student learning centre, sporting fields and facilities, pool, food court, lakes and eco-walk, and everything else UQ has to offer.


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